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Eve Online New Character Creator

Here is an example of creating a custom character in the Eve Online character creator. What doesn’t appear in the video is the extremely detailed facial manipulator allowing you to change the avatar’s facial features to match whatever your heart desires (within reason). For more information on this and other games visit:

Creating a new character on EvE-Online, with the new character creator. (HD)

The fallowing video shows the new character creator and steps of creating a new character using the new character creator that will be released on 18th January 2011. Currently on Beta in Singularity (SiSi) test server. and still a work in progress on several stages. But this video should give an +95% idea of how the new character creator will be like. There will be differences between each faction and bloodline, so try it out your self :)

Simple machinima using the EVE Online character creator from Incursion

Using EVE Online’s character creator tool, in pose mode, I pressed CTRL-F9 to hide the UI and grabbed the character’s mouth and moved it up and down using the mouse, essentially using the character as a sock puppet and then captured the video with FRAPS and edited in Premiere. Took like 20-30 minutes. One could play around with more facial posing to create expressions and such. The characters were just random characters. This clip was generated to illustrate that someone could create simple machinima with this tool.

Video Rating: 5 / 5

Eve Online › Incursion 1.1.0 Character Creator on Singularity

I know :) It is coming live tomorrow but anyway. I am just not patient enough :) It is really great piece of software. Kudos to CCP for doing this. Watch in orginal quality for best quality!

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Eve Online › Creating my avatar in Incursion Character Creator

Finally i decided to create my new avatar with incursion character creator. I was working first time with final version of new character creator, so i was trying to review all possible modification to my char. No i am not black :) Many people asked me that after i logged in. I just like this look of my gallente char. I am 100% trader in Eve Universe.

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