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Eve Online New Caldari Achura Male Character Creation (HD) Part 2

My main character in eve (Cornelious Vanderbelt) has that horrible Achura avatar so i went on the test server today 15/11/10 to get a look at the new character creation thats coming out and i must say it looks like one of the best ive seen. Ive uploaded the vid in 2 parts so enjoy. I must point out that this is in beta stages at the moment so it was a bit buggy and also i disabled my mouse cursor in fraps.

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Singularity Testing – Incursion Avatar Creation

From the Eve Online Test Server (Singularity) – CCP announced that the new character creation feature was available to test, although many things are not working right yet as its all unfinished. Unfortunately the final avatar is not used it game, it just forces you to create one. Neat UI and the way you can sculpture the model is very intuitive, more so that I expected. Dev Blog:

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This is my tribute to Eve Online, the best MMO in the entire world, in my opinion at least. Eve online is a game that tests the mind and will of the player, it is educational in the sense that it gives you a taste of how brutal real life can be, but is a fun, challenging game to enjoy in order to test one’s mind and resourcefulness against another… Build your empire, and join the fight. This video was made on Windows Movie Maker, and all rights belong to CCP for the video clips used in this tribute. Videos included: Eve Online – The Empyrean Age Eve Online – Dominion Eve Online – Incursion Music: Auracle Music – “Epic Legend” Special Thanks to MusicHealsUrSoul for the epic video from which I got the music from and CCP for creating such a grand game.

EvE Online – New Character Creation

Just having some fun with the newly updated character creation from CCP in Eve Online. 3:18 for a little laugh. haha! I was just messing around, just having some fun this time! And showing the updated interface and new additions! Also, I know the characters I made (Namely the 2nd female) aren’t exactly the most attractive, once again like I said I was just messing around and having some fun. If you enjoyed this video feel free to rate, comment, and subscribe!

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Eve Online HD: Incursion Character Creation – Gallente ‘Intaki’ Duo

This is a video response for everyone who requested to see how the new Gallente ‘Intaki’ females looked – a lot of the races have changed their general appearance in the new system, and might even change again before mid-January 2011; when the full-release is due. I’ve made two Intaki females, and placed them side by side, to see how different they’d look without really trying to be ‘different’, as such. The Character Creator is still in its test phases; so even more improvements can be expected (Soon™) All images and music are, and remain, the property of CCP – Used with permission.

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