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Creating a new character on EvE-Online, with the new character creator. (HD)

The fallowing video shows the new character creator and steps of creating a new character using the new character creator that will be released on 18th January 2011. Currently on Beta in Singularity (SiSi) test server. and still a work in progress on several stages. But this video should give an +95% idea of how the new character creator will be like. There will be differences between each faction and bloodline, so try it out your self :)

Eve Online › Creating my avatar in Incursion Character Creator

Finally i decided to create my new avatar with incursion character creator. I was working first time with final version of new character creator, so i was trying to review all possible modification to my char. No i am not black :) Many people asked me that after i logged in. I just like this look of my gallente char. I am 100% trader in Eve Universe.

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EVE Online – Creating a Safe Spot for Scanning

SET QUALITY TO 720p OR 1080p TO READ IN-GAME TEXT. This is my guide on how to create a “safe spot” and hide from pirates while scanning a system.

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EVE Online Tutorial Series – I : Creating and managing an account

EVE Online Tutorial Series – Creating an EVE Online trial account – Downloading EVE – Account management

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