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eve online concord in trouble

concord stucked in belt rocks

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EVE Online: CONCORD standoff with unknown Minmitar fleet

CONCORD was put on high alert after a fleet of Minmitar designed ships including jumped into CONCORD patrolled high security space. The fleet surrounded CONCORD Bureau Station in the Yulai system in a tense standoff in which no shots were fired before abruptly leaving the system. The fleet was of unknown origin but was composed entirely of Minmitar designed ships with at least six dreadnought class Naglfars bearing Republic Fleet markings escorted by support ships reportedly from Thukker Tribe. A spokesman for the Minmitar Republic Prime Minister Karin Midular publicly stated “The location of every ship in the Republic Fleet at the time of the armada’s incursion has been accounted for.” A possible connection between the unknown force and disgraced Minmatar Republic Ambassador Keitan Yun has been suggested. His whereabouts are currently unknown but CONCORD has labeled him a “person of interest”.

Fleet of 30ish with mostly faction ships, some logistics and hac/command. After hours of roaming, we found this Thanatos. I started recording just before it goes into structure. PS! This is NOT factional warfare! It’s a fleet consisting of faction and faction fitted ships! (Total Loss for the Than: 1492630369.00) Complete ship list for the curious ones: (1) Megathron Navy Issue (2) Nightmare (2) Raven Navy Issue (1) Vigilant (5) Machariel (1) Phantasm (1) Stabber Fleet Issue (1) Vindicator (1) Onyx (1) Rook (1) Scimitar (1) Osprey (1) Succubus (1) Damnation (5) Republic Fleet Firetail (1) Amarr Navy Slicer (1) Daredevil (1) Worm (1) Sabre (1) Guardian (1) Falcon

EVE Online: CONCORD Concert

A CONCORD blob I bumped into at the Aufay gate in the Balle system while running missions in high-sec. This is fairly old footage from January, 23rd. The song used is titled ‘Strobe’ by Friendly Fires. To purchase the entire album please visit:

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EVE ONLINE IS NOT THE TYPE OF GAME THAT YOU NEED TO PUT 1000000 HRS INTO. AS A MATER OF FACT NO GAME SHOULD TAKE UP ALL OR MOST OF YOUR TIME!!!!! LOAD UP YOUR SKILL QUEUE AND TAKE A BREAK!!!!! Welcome to Hi-Phin Let’s Play!!! I’m covering the Eve Online Basic Tutorial These videos are geared towards introducing new players to the Eve Universe. Although this Tutorial is Detailed, I do not zone-in on anything too specific. I’m basically giving a overview of the game. If you like the game after seeing the Tutorials I recommend you get a 14 day trial of the game from the site. With your first trial I’d also recommend that you run through as many different things as possible. If your still impressed after 14 days, contact me for a 21 day trial. With my 21 day trial I can give you a longer trial and a 0mil bonus the day after you purchase your first month from

Eve Online Concord Ship Blob Spawned at Dodixie

3 of us in Dodixie decided to put on a show shortly before the downtime on June 29th. This is the chaos that was caused. In-game Names: PDiddysDaddy (video recorder) BlyTwo Nickel Bomber (shuttle transporter, and he came up with the idea) Thanks for watching!

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a clip of a minecraft build i’m doing… An Amarrian Titan class ship – The Avatar, from Eve online. all by hand, block by block Done on an SMP multi-player server with Mobs on. i used BinVox a Voxel program by Patrick Min (a mapping program that shows you slices of models, layer by layer) so you can reconstruct things in minecraft, block by block. It can be found here: this is my first ever vid so please be nice, i’m learning how to do it along the way. also, sorry about the sound i will try to improve it soon. More will follow in the next day or so. As i have nearly finished, just need to do the edits. have fun and rate please!!!! Haabemaaster

EVE Online: CONCORD cheats :(

Audio is the radio lol. I left it on ‘cus it’s better than nothing :P CONCORD fight fair for the first few seconds then cheat :o Petition!!111! ________________________________ 2009.07.05 06:41:00 Victim: MJ Maverick Corp: IronPig Alliance: Sev3rance Faction: NONE Destroyed: Megathron System: Choonka Security: 0.6 Damage Taken: 60197 Involved parties: Name: CONCORD Police Commander / CONCORD (laid the final blow) Damage Done: 60197

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