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Eve-Online: Capital Fight! (Red Aliance -vs- ERA)

This video show a Capital Ship Fight in Eve-Online MMORPG.

Eve Online: Goonswarm vs SYS.K J-AYLV Capital Fight

Goonswarm vs SYS.K and friends 35 capitals killed by Goonswarm with 8 losses Music: Combichrist – What The Fuck Is Wrong With You? Interested in trying out Eve? Message me your email address and I’ll send you a 21-day free trial (instead of the regular 14 day trial). Should get back to you within a day. Video by Frocke

EVE Online – Capital Ship Fleet (HD)

The end is nice =] Laying siege to a POS & a Titan

Video Rating: 4 / 5

EVE Online 4 Titan Kills Y-2 + capital fight!

EVE Online – IT alliance engages GOONS,PL,MM,RZR,MH, ZAF, REB in Y-2 as they go to attack our recently gained outpost + onlining TCU. they failed! sadly iv cut a good 20 mins out of this video due to guns not cycling n it looked kinda boring lol, so i cut it out. awesome fight, 4 titans confirmed killed, whole bunch of capitals dead. a sign of a good fight! First track – apocalyptica – stroke second track – apocalyptica – life burns (instrumental) third track – starbucks co-ordinates – bsg season 4 fourth track – jizz in my pants – lonely island Thanks for watching

Video Rating: 4 / 5

EVE Online: NC vs. SC Capital Fight in H-W9TY

Capital fight between the Northern Coalition and the Southern Coalition where the SC lost 5 supercarriers.

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