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Eve Online Capital battle – 167 confirmed dead – part 2/3

Pandemic Legion, Goonswarm and Razor versus. AAA and ATLAS Thanks all for the great fight. Part 2/3 High Quality download available here:

Eve Online – The Battle of Syndicate [HD] Combines coalition forces (primarily Vengeance Of The Fallen [VoTF] RONA-Kia [RK] + others) during the battle of VV-VCR and FD-MLJ.

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Eve Online – 500+ Pilot Battle Between GoonSwarm/Pandemic Legion vs Against All Authorities [Part 2]

A continuation of part 1. Now on the scene includes the second hostile gang that was initially sitting on the other side of the jump gate which we were camping in part 1. Also a hot drop of a couple dozen carriers brings the total number of pilots in system up to about 550. Lag was awful and, as you can see, my modules were broken most of the fight. Battle Report:

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Eve Online Battle in F9-FUV solar system 19/04/09

Unedited footage of a large fleet engagement in F9-FUV 9(Etherium Reach) on 19/04/09. The battle consisted of multiple alliances and lasted for over 2 hours. In total close to 700 pilots were involved with nearly 500 people in the system at its peak. An edited version of the engagement will be uploaded in the near future. Be sure to watch in high quality

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Eve Online PVP battle

Haiduken strikes again! Temporarily known as 11th Fleet due some red-tape mixup, we decced the Moonrabbit Collective, Council & Academy… a potential of 300 wts vs the 7 of us. 10 Battleships, a Hictor, and 4 BCs waited outside… so we undocked in 3 Domi’s and warped in a couple misc remote rep and command link ships… end result… 12 kills, 0 losses. Us vs the titan so to speak :)

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