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High Velocity Bowling – All Hallow’s Eve Ball Pack [Online Game Code - Game Add-on] Ps3 Cheats

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First trial run of Battleship Ball from Eve Online

The Galactic Battleship Ball League (GBBL) of Eve Online is proud to present the first trial game of Battleship Ball. The competitors were these two teams: Team 1 Leader: Siigari Kitawa – Guard (Griffin) astara989 – Forward (Kestrel) Twg Memitim – Guard (Griffin) Bigdude – Shooter (Thorax) TreeSwine – Forward (Rifter) Team 2 Leader: Mynxee – Shooter (Rupture) AdmiralJohn – Guard (Maulus) Hitomi Yasama – Forward (Tristan) Icer Xx – Forward (Rifter) Nashh Kadavr – Guard (Maulus) Referees: phree4u, lady4phree Ball: Anslo (Armageddon) The game was great. Team 1 had an amazing victory, losing no ships during the fight and locking Team 2′s frigates down early with ECM. An enjoyable match, with amazing DPS from both sides. The winner was given to Team 1, with the following damages: Team 1 – 41316 Team 2 – 20983 I hope everybody looks forward to more GBBL games! For more information, click here: Thanks for your support!

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Eve Online Snow Ball launcher

fun times

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