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EVE online : Caldari tech 3 in Apocrypha (test server)

better quality =) moosic: combichrist – give head if you got it

EVE Online Apocrypha trailer – MMO HD TV (1080p) Check here all you need to know about the game. –P2P– http http –F2P– http http –BROWSER– http

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Eve Online: Apocrypha – Gallente Introduction Video

As part of the new player experience revamp we’ve created short introduction videos for each race to be played upon character creation. More information can be found at What type of pilot will you be? Start exploring Eve Online with a free 14 day trial here:

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EVE Online: Apocrypha – Full Effect Showcase!

In depth look at the new ship and turret effects coming in the next EvE-Online expansion Apocrypha!

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EVE Online: Apocrypha – T3 and Effects sneak peak!

A short video showcasing some of the new T3 Cruisers and effects in the up coming expansion for EVE Online : Apocrypha.

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