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EVE Online – Captains Quarters & New Tutorial Alpha Test 2011-20-04

Join Dave McDavid as he explores the new features of EVE. You don’t see me interact with anything in the CQ because I basically appear to bork the interface at the end, but all you’ve got right now is a couch you can sit on, a little screen on the table that does nothing. A big screen on the left that opens the “Corporation” menu, a big screen in the middle that does nothing, and a big screen on the right that opens the “Science & Industry” menu. Also, visual quality is crappy because the lads at CCP haven’t quite figured out how to get anti-aliasing working with the CQ yet or something. Enjoy.

EVE Online – Alpha Test

Captured from the Phoenix version of EVE, this is the version that was used in the first alpha tests. It shows the start of the desktop approach to EVE user interface and the graphics engine special effects that were in at the time. The sound effects have matured considerably since this clip was recorded.

EVE Online – Scrapheap Challenge Gank Night 18 (Moar Alpha)

Scrapheap Challenge, a forum / fansite for Eve players, does occasional organized events in-game. This was a ‘Gank Night’, where players group up with themed ships and roam through space looking for fights. This night’s theme: Ships designed to emphasize “alpha” – focusing their firepower into a single overwhelming hit, as opposed to a steady stream of high damage. Tempests and Hurricanes with artillery form the bulk of the fleet.