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EVE Online Jove battleship 2009

I was on the test server in my nighthawk when CCP undocked a Jove Battleship. Obviously the first thing to do is try and shoot it. Stunning ship FTW!!! Hope you enjoy

EVE Online Fanfest 2009 – PVP Tournament

The fight for 3rd place, final fight and special winners fight against an all star CCP dev team.

EVE Online Fanfest 2009 – Game Design Retrospective

We take a look at the game design process used for the Apocrypha expansion and how things are shaping up for Dominion

Video Rating: 4 / 5

EVE Online Fanfest 2009 – “Beer Ship”, Nathan Richardsson’s Entrance

Shown as Nathan Richardsson took to the stage at Fanfest 2009. Arnar Valdimarsson: Director/Script/Camera Baldur J. Baldursson: Audio Greg Kruk: 3D Animation Jón H. Haraldsson: Audio Jóhann Reynisson: 3D Animation Kasper Ø. Hansen: Mapping and texture baking Robin Whitehead: 3D Animation Sölvi H. Ingimundarson: 2D Animation/UI Willem van Biljon: Modeling and texture artist

Eve Online Fanfest 2009 Closing Party – part 2 (of 3)

Paparazzi interviews icelandic chick

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