Tackling 101 – EVE Online Tackling Guide

This is a recording of an actual full-length Tackling 101 class as taught in EVE University. The class, itself, did run out of time before we could practice tackling in a gatecamp, but should otherwise be complete. — [edit] Agony Unleashed (not affiliated with EVE University) also has a good guide on tackling and spiraling: www.youtube.com

What happens when 250-350 happy pilots (many clearly Flying Under the Influence) get into the cheapest, crappiest possible PVP ships on the market and head out on a suicidal rampage? We did it for the lulz. Hurricane kill: eve-kill.net Omen kill: eve-kill.net Drake kill: eve-kill.net And lots of others where I weren’t at that time.

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  • letopizdetz says:

    The question is, does this still work against Missiles (i.e. drake spam) or in that case can you just burn directly to them?

  • MrKuuktuu says:

    If you think of buying this game DON`T, you’d be better off with a pencil and a piece of paper playing tic tac to. There’s a huge learning curve, once your past that, you discover that this game is lame and pointless. Pvp consist of activating your weapons and waiting for other to die. Eve has the largest player turnover of all mmos, millions have tried it, but only a few thousand stayed. And there`s no in gm to help…all they have is a bot that replies: Sorry, it`s game mecanics.

  • tomchch says:

    I love these videos of yours man, very informative.

  • Hargaanti says:

    man when i was new i didnt get all this help learned the hard way:)

  • CptMcMuffinz says:

    this is a really great video! But part of me wanted to warp in with an Armageddon and suicide gank the students with some smart bombs.

    Im glad you at least told them about smartbombs though.

  • TheFree33333 says:

    Tackling explained quickly. u haz c0mdr, he b bosting. u haz sc0ts to mak sue u dnt run ito PL flet.
    u haz tcklers, sme r HICS (wch hav infaina pnt, so stbs dun sav u!) sme r nrmal shps (dnt hav infaina pnt, bt cn pnt nd gt reps, stbs can sav u!).

  • UmbralGaming says:

    Thks Seamus! I started playing Eve a month ago and your vids are very helpful!

  • KevleVid says:

    Excellent. A very extensive but clear examination of the tackling role.

    Your middle name ought to be ‘thorough’, Seamus!

    Thanks for all your hard work and I look forward to more videos.

  • colinfun says:

    a bit misleading on the where the slots go, since people can and often do change where they are located, since the slots on the top row are the most useful. You do not have to use crtl or alt key in order to use them.

  • emikochan13 says:

    Great video, this needs way more views (Mintchip sent me)

  • TzianSjet says:

    EVE University, where teachers are allowed to shoot…

    someone had to say it :)
    this was as fun as educational, i really like this
    if i may make a sugestion a tutorial about how to setup a fleet properly would be nice.
    esspecially with all those commanders and bonuses that might be going around an stuff

  • SeamusDonohueEVE says:

    - You’re welcome. :) 

  • basmithtx says:

    Woah, two hours! Thanks for all the work Seamus! :D

  • avello72 says:


  • Zerebrat87 says:

    lol this is madness xD

  • palidan99 says:

    Oh my fucking god, that is beautiful

  • CodeBandet says:

    wow grat camera work! this is funny..

  • addictedlemon says:

    smarbomb BS go!

  • NinjaBOB9989 says:

    =P smartbombs.
    ’nuff said.

  • MrAbhorsen says:

    I wasn’t saying that people who fly frigs are noobs (I love frigs), I was saying that IT are noobs :)

  • Chrisboxify says:

    flying frigates doesnt mean ur noob, could mean u dont bring in enough Income to supply bigger ships, or ur just better in them. Sometimes even the capital flyers i know mess around in smallies

  • MrAbhorsen says:

    funny thing is those IT pilots will be flying frigates anyway, because theyre all low-skilled, mass-recruited noobs.

  • sikata says:

    ya rly ?, last day it was more then 500 people from nc, ask ROL/Cry Havoc(Babies), get some info before you open mouth :)

  • Kaninerness says:

    fun thing is IT can get 500people in fleet (just a part of SC) and whole NC can only get 300people

  • blackwateril says:

    love it guys keep it up

  • burninator34 says:

    It’s sad that in order to have fun the NC has to do this.

    Blob more

    A bitter NC member

  • erock2891 says:

    plus one. frig fraks = always win even when we lose.

  • moralllo says:

    lol love it when you se ALL those people flying towards him in the hurricane

  • promatolya says:

    Was great fun that day:
    Other kills I was in on:
    - Cerberus
    - Rapier
    - Cyno kestrel
    - Curse
    - Vagabond
    - Falcon
    - Daredevil with complex high end mwd.
    about 5 pods

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