Sydney New Years Eve Fireworks 2012 Televised Australia

Sydney Australia New Years Eve 2011 / 2012 Midnight Spectacular The complete show. Visit Sydney Official Website Copyright © Nine Network Australia. I don’t own this video.12 O’clock 9 pm 2100 hrs prelude first early Family Show biggest best global cities city around the world Sydney Melbourne Tokyo Taipei Hong Kong China Beijing Thailand Moscow Москва Новый год Фейерверки Spain fuegos artificiales London Dubai / Burj Khalifa Paris New York Time Square Vancouver Montreal Seattle San Francisco Los Angeles SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL Rio De Janeiro استراليا

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22 Responses to “Sydney New Years Eve Fireworks 2012 Televised Australia”

  • owen82100 says:

    I didn’t know being a Criminal was a DNA Thing..

  • Josh Georgandas says:


  • xylene says:

    highlight of the year Watching sydney’s and london’s fireworks. Both unique in their own way:)

  • heatster62 says:


  • kiopopopoirereiuiii says:


  • Craig Dixon says:

    I love the Sydney fireworks. Some of the most beutiful sights I have ever seen :)

  • dedman1998 says:

    No, most people would agree with ME

  • Aust2008 says:

    The negative comments are just from closed minded people who are envious.They really have no idea what they are talking about. In reality ‘IT”S SUPER FREAKIN’ COOL AND ABSOLUTELY AMAZING’!!!!! You were in Sydney & saw it first hand and felt the energy that is generated by almost 2 million people partying on a hot summers night under what we see in this clip. It’s a mind blowing experience right!? You’ve experienced it & so have I and my friends & we all say NYE couldn’t possibly be any better..

  • Aust2008 says:

    I’ve met so many cool Italian tourists here in Sydney….some of whom are still friends of mine. Italians are incredibly beautiful people…they have massive hearts and they are welcome here anytime. We love you guys and when you are here you just make our city even better. :-) x.

  • Aust2008 says:

    You are 120% invited. I promise you won’t regret it. Nothing anyone can say…no matter how hyped up they sound can prepare you for the spectacle that awaits you if you come one day. It’s un-freakin’-believable!!! ;-)

  • Aust2008 says:

    I just watched this clip and the adrenaline that is so overwhelming on that night stared flowing again. I love to see Rio on TV on NYE and NYC and other cities but I can’t imagine NYE being any better than Sydney. I don’t think it is possible and if it is I don’t care. ;-)

  • Aust2008 says:

    Me too. It’s always like experiencing a dream but it’s not…it’s real. :-)

  • Aust2008 says:

    Only in your close minded dreams. Lol.

  • Aust2008 says:

    Yay….let’s all go and watch the NYE fireworks in London and risk getting hypothermia!!!!! Yay!!! Lmfao.

  • Aust2008 says:

    Don’t even take notice of those losers. Lmfao. Sydney in high summer or London in freezing winter. It’s a no brainer!! It’s established outside Australia that the 4 best are NYC, Paris, Rio and Sydney but a major international news network that went around the world evaluating NYE celebrations decided Sydney “sets the benchmark worldwide”. I have invited people from all over the world to experience NYE in Sydney and every single one of them has said that it was the best night of their lives.

  • Aust2008 says:

    I live at The Rocks & every year for the past five years I have invited my friends & some random people to my place. I turn my kitchen into a cocktail bar & I serve them the best cocktails I can & then I take them to the City of Sydney VIP party in Dawes Point Park in front of the Harbour Bridge. Every year everyone agrees that we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world & the reaction of the random people is why I invite them. They always say it’s “the best night of my life”. Mine too.:-)

  • Hassan Saeed says:

    Thank you so much :)

  • shalkish says:

    There are a lot people saying that London is better then Sydney, REALLY, just shut up and enjoy what Sydney did their hard work on, No one watches London fireworks and say Sydney is better. I reckon they are both good in their own way.

  • dedman1998 says:

    no, you’re wrong

  • Wuju MasterYi says:

    doesnt matter which one is better i really think ppl would enjoy australias new year better than the one in uk but both are beatiful

  • dedman1998 says:

    londons was better

  • improv92 says:

    its called sunlight by bag raiders

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