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25 Responses to “Swizz Beatz Talks About His Divorce With Mashonda – HIPHOPNEWS24-7.COM”

  • LAIDBACKmuzic says:

    2 grown up hip hop dudes talking like 2 teenagers
    , shame on hip hop

  • SuperLexibabii says:

    Wait wait wait swizz said “on 2 the nxt 1″ man errybody kno yhu was talkin bout Alicia nd mashonda!!! Dnt try 2 cover it up boy!!!

  • SuperLexibabii says:

    Wow swizz said “i aint got a wife no more” then that dude was like “oh” lol

  • anitabreakone says:

    Mashonda stayed with him too long. Even after accusing him of being the cause of her miscarriage by stressing her out because he got another woman pregnant at the same time, she stayed. She stayed knowing the other woman had a child that she was told she could name. Wow! No, it’s not the childs fault but how could you accept him doing something like that? How could you just stay with him? This is Mashonda’s story so I say she needed to leave HIM long ago if everything SHE said wasa true.???

  • bailey1brandy says:


  • TheNaphisa03 says:

    He must have somne good dick or something, cuz he’s not attractive. What a shame

  • TheNaphisa03 says:

    @SuperLibra1989 LOL..U r right!

  • WifeyQueenB says:

    And I’m not saying Mashonda wasn’t wrong just saying whatever real men don’t bitch, especially about a woman, they a get it done and move on. Swizz just made himself look like a real bitch. Say shit happens thats that.

  • WifeyQueenB says:

    He the one that sound bitter. You dont gotta put someone down. You married her, divorce her. Handle your business right. Don’t go hiding shit and bashing the mother of your child. Have a little more respect, she was your wife, not the side chick like AK. And if AK was a woman, she would have told you she will still love you after the divorce is final and to handle your business so shit don’t hit the fan. OH WELL shit hit the fan. Dont bash Mashonda for finding out.

  • edibulcurvs says:

    Swizz is right mashonda is not on his level, she’s better than that shit

  • SocietyScarred says:

    (Comment Continued)  If Mashonda was trying to keep him from his oldest kid then she’s despicable also but I obviously can’t take or trust his words on anything you see how “Serious” he took his vows.

  • SocietyScarred says:

    Alicia Keys= The Angelina Jolie of the Music Industry.
    I lost alot of respect for her after what she did it was very trashy. I looked at her to be much deeper and different from what she is but turns out she’s as deep as a kiddie pool. This negro is despicable and if Alicia Keys think he won’t do the same shit to her she got another thing coming he has 3 different “Babymamas” show you his luck. (Continued Comment)

  • Raebae1120 says:

    @TheMsPhD Your a “Christian” but you want me to go Kill myself. Smh . . .

  • TheMsPhD says:

    @Raebae1120 HOw dumb u feel NOW that he cheating on HER 2? U don’t like what I write well then Go ki11 yoself! u noe noothing of what I speak of. I’m NOT Judging not once did I JUDGE him! I said facts. BIBLE! Keyz say she puts GOD first?(lie), she throwing stones! yes US CHIRSTIANS bring up the BIBLE bcuz if u say u follow it GOD tells us to let our BROTHERS AND SISTERS know when they r doing wrong or their blood will be on our hands. ANd I NEVER SAID PPL DON”T MAKE MISTAKES

  • mzshirleyarteaga says:

    fuck him fucken dumb shit thats the reason i hate all men! scum bags u fucken  stick swizz beatz u aint even got meat in you ! eat a lil more trash

  • luvsthatmagic says:

    I love Alicia’s music but as she said “It’s called karma and it comes around.”

  • SuperLibra1989 says:

    Only a certain type of woman would cheat & sleep with a married man. Only a certain type of man would leave his family for another woman! so he’s right. Him and Alicia Keys are EQUALS! those were his words in the video………

  • SuperLibra1989 says:

    So now we know why Mashonda was going through his phone. Ever since Christina Elizabeth(his side piece) came out saying he was sexing her wen he was married to Mashonda and sexting her wen married to alicia key, he has NO freaking excuse!!! he said he was unhappy with Mashonda, so why is he hollering at the same girls he cheated with now that he’s married to alicia keys!

  • kingofpop4eva says:

    @ehwilliamz take my dick out ya mouth ta keep ya words from slurring, you cum slurping butter bean. Wit ya goofy ass

  • ehwilliamz says:

    @kingofpop4eva naw it ended kus yu got dat bomb ass head…jus playin foo

  • Queenbeevideo says:

    Nobody can blame Alicia because you would be surprised to see he had existing problems long before he and keys even met did anyone stop to look at that for a moment? To blame Alcia is a cheap shot just to find her as a scape goat to say she broke up Swizz’s marriage. Not all women go after married men and I can say from experience because the man I am with now was married, but we didnt get together until after his marriage ended and it ended for reasons that had nothing to do with cheating.

  • kingofpop4eva says:

    SHUT UP none of you know what their marriage was like!!!!! How can you continue to be unhappy???? And why mad at Alicia??? Swiss had a daughter like 2 years before he met her, and that was during his marriage. clearly he was unhappy

  • naturalhairedhoney says:

    This dude is so cold…

  • 28blizzard says:

    @raebae1120 tell em y u mad lol ur funny u act like u f**king her hahaha

  • 28blizzard says:

    the ppl that think this was ok its becsuse they did it b4 lets get it together ppl

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