Star Trek Online | Federation Ship Customization Tier 1

This is a video demonstrating the ship customization for Tier 1 Starfleet Ships

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  • dricivilspace says:

    Great game! Took 11hrs to Download but worth it. Wish you could do the space battle on the bridge of your ship instead of in space.

  • Bladernine876 says:

    You would think with all the money NASA spends on a single shuttle launch prior retiring the design for crappy disposable Soviet rockets they’d have something like these exploring the inner solar system even without warp we’ve the technology to make it possible yet today they’ve still not gotten passed the lunar orbit with a manned flight.Talk about insulting to those of us that want & believe in space exploration. Politics of government stagnation as usual.

  • Josh Stone says:

    the game still looks like shit btw its 2012

  • TheCastellan says:

    1:32 cute ship ^_^

  • captcaveman4201 says:

    worth it? its free now.

  • captcaveman4201 says:

    yes it is a good game.

  • revanlord05 says:

    STO is a good game? a mean, I’m not fan of Star trek, i’m more Star Wars fan but SWG (the best MMO of SW) died and TOR sucks…
    I’m intrigued in some space mmo.

  • TekLok says:

    I’ve been hearing that its not actually integrated in the full gameplay, its like you walk around your ship when you take a break and do side quests.

  • deathking1221 says:

    STO is probably my most favorite game in the MMO genre. the ship customization is literally endless.

  • FltAdmiralKruger says:

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  • WatchGamer says:

    the federation doesn’t have credits nor money because its useless to them, but other races still used credits or money so the federation made deals with this races that still use money/credits.

  • xterrorizinboys88 says:

    I play eve online, but have only been playing about 4 months. I came across STO, and was wondering if it was worth it. Im a huge ST fan.

    I really like how you can walk around your ship. You cant do that in eve yet.
    Idk i was just wondering does the game continue to improve?
    What are they adding to it?

  • kranktank says:

    oh :(

  • kranktank says:

    sometimes I named mine “Inndurpryze” or “Unreliant”

  • walmartian says:

    eve was hours of boredom with minutes of LOLs when i would make another player cry, it was kind of worth it

  • kranktank says:

    this is the default starter ship and it was one of my favorites to modify…mainly because you can make it look very, very, VERY goofy.

  • kranktank says:

    ok…fine…one day i’m gonna try EVE…your comment with all the others i’ve read has convinced me.

  • avengerofdeadvideos says:

    dont forget gold! lol and latnium..

  • bovb902 says:

    Credits 0_o money stops existing they use Credits

  • chadkoel says:

    I hate people who are lazy in naming and name there ships “Enterprise” and “Reliant”.

  • steven williams says:

    How do I get my video to look as good as it does here? My ships look like cartoons.

  • steven williams says:

    what video card is being used here? My animations look like cartoons compared to this.

  • Rosiilee says:

    wow. I CANNOT wait to finish my demo download! On my crappy broadband here in the UK its taking ages. 70kbs/per second. Hmph.

    It seems to be worth the wait according to your vids? Can you choose the name of your ship?

  • hebroplass says:

    downloaded demo on steam… not convinced :/

  • walmartian says:

    yea the instance shit sounds retarded. instead of you traveling to a destination the destination travels to you… this is what sold me to EVE when i realized, hey these are not instances.. this is a real sense of space (seemed like they were instances on the first day and I almost put it down because of that)

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