Star Citizen from the Makers of Wing Commander!

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24 Responses to “Star Citizen from the Makers of Wing Commander!”

  • Jeremy Qualls says:

    There’s a part on RSI site where they discuss this and promise that the people who buy in won’t have any more special abilities than those who didn’t or don’t. It’s going to be balance from the forums and threads that I have read.

  • fenixwylde says:

    Time to dust off my old Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 :)

  • A7C11 says:

    Well it won’t be point and click, and there will be fps combat aswell, boarding enemy ships and even outside the ship in zero gravity

  • sspope says:

    It won’t for EVE is not a space sim. It’s a point and click MMORPG.

  • Nosferatu1208 says:

    I did the 37 dollar pledge

  • AviticusDragon says:

    Sweet, another Dragon! Great channel! Keep up the good work!

  • Washu1973 says:

    I have looked at the kickstarter and it looks like the game play could be compromised by all the fantastic in-game rewards for contributors turning the game into a pay-to-win game and addon ships costing up to $225.

    It looks nice , but I have serious concerns about game balance.

  • mrjaffar says:

    Marcus… Did you publish this before you got that new package that makes the sound sync properly?

  • Zergling2005 says:

    That game looked awesome! I pledged my 40$ thanks for showing me this Markee

  • FlashDAH says:

    How do you think it will compare to EVE Online ?

  • SeeZurKicks says:

    … sorry still not as good as eve though lol

  • llikrevo says:

    the closed captioning feature is amusingly inaccurate

  • panterox88 says:

    The game dose look great but my only concern is the release date, 2 years… sure it would take that long to make it well polished. But just think what could be released in 2 years, that is a long time in the computer game industry with the rate computer tech increases. I loved freelancer and this looks like a great game, just not willing to wait 2 years to get my hands on it.

  • spectonic says:

    Omg Yes Wing commander!!

  • NostalgiaLP says:

    yesterday when it showed you were live I couldn’t watch you… said video was not available? is that cause I’m in germany?

  • Tatarius1102 says:

    looks like x3 meets eve :D which is a good thing

  • Tatarius1102 says:

    if he had played the music on the game trailer then, this video could have been blocked in some countries, and you cant monetize it without gaining permission from the artists ect. some of my vids are blocked in new Zealand and Australia for certain bands i have as a backing track :(

  • markeedragon says:

    Yes I noticed the sync issue. But that is why I’m doing all of these live working out all of the bugs as I go. :)

  • TheEriczeppe says:

    Eve is about makin moneys in space or die trying yo

  • SeNsaToR says:

    I’m interested in it but I feel like if I were to fund this kickstarter it would be a huge money sink because I’d start funding tons of other kickstarters as well. I’m also pretty fervent on when I spend money on games, I rarely ever pre purchase anything, as I don’t know if it will be quality or not.

  • thetravelingboy says:

    Like the new intro

  • ITPalGame says:

    sound and video out of sync here and there

  • bimlala1 says:

    Runes of Magic sword = NEED.

  • Francois424 says:

    From parts of the video, I got the impression of a cross between Neverwinter nights, and Diablo II. No montlhy fees, stand alone servers, official servers that will be persistant, with an in-game economy of some sort.

    I hope this blows everything away, but even if we get the equivalent of WC1+SM1+SM2 I’ll be screaming like a little girl for sure ! Going to be following this one and hope the ship sails tall and true ’till the end.

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