Solo Myrmidon vs. Fail 4 Man Gate Camp Eve Online Pvp 720p

Want to try Eve Online for free? Message me for an extended trial (no credit card required!), and get in the game! I jumped straight into a gate camp in 0.4, and I’m glad that I had my myrmidon with me for this one! haha The gate guns basically finished all the small stuff while I worked on the bigger ships. In the end… 4 terribly fitted ships destroyed and my myrm still standing. Was alot of fun! Killmails (the ones that I got on):

Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 Responses to “Solo Myrmidon vs. Fail 4 Man Gate Camp Eve Online Pvp 720p”

  • pupip55 says:

    -.- i want to troll him, why did you go and block him. oh well plus good vid

  • ZachRLabbe says:

    The guns took it out. Epic fail.

  • ITSAssassin says:

    lolz damn brah, you’z elite then right? wrong. Nearly 90% of my kills are solo you fuckin douche. Bet you can’t say that. Regardless, you’re annoying so I’m gonna block you from posting on my videos. Later tool

  • sabastyian says:

    With tank rigs..youd last longer…drone mod youd do more damage……exp..youd tank more….mwd..could catch something besides a bs…anythin with a mwd will run away easily…. before you call me a pvp noob…ive already looked you up….i have 4x your kill… 2x your deaths…and 6x your experience….. fit tank rigs…win more fights…mwd..catch more shit

  • ITSAssassin says:

    I agree with your point about emp ammo, but nothing else. I’ve since started using the correct dmg type against w/e ship i’m going against, but telling me that a plate is stupid makes you look like a moron. You wanna know how many of these myrms I’ve lost? Practically NONE. I lose about 1 for every 10 kills I get with them, and that includes jumping into gate camps. Watch some later videos for my updated fit, but make sure you don’t embarrass yourself again. Thanks for the view

  • sabastyian says:

    using emp ammo against armor ships, plate on a dual rep myrm, fit a exp hard or a 3rd rep ( drones are your main damage anyways, hell fit one of thos enew drone mods ) ab. no mwd attacking a battleship over a cruiser or bc..piss poor quality….miracle you won are those even medium reps..what rigs….. trimark if…you sir…do not understand myrms

  • AVerySillySausage says:

    I agree with you but I think he mean’t a gyro

  • darian1968 says:

    nice but kicking m8 o/ watching a shielded cane was funny but the Apoc got the gate guns and went out lol hope you got nice loot :) hope you win more

  • ITSAssassin says:

    Myrm hands down. you can’t beat a 6low 5mid 6high setup. drakes have really good buffer tanks but get eaten by pro myrm setups all the time. Versatility in pvp is was gets you wins

  • airforcelol says:

    drake or myrm? which one would you pick for solo pvp?

  • dphoenixx says:

    Myrm is a kickass ship… certainly have to learn how to handle it (but that’s true for every ship btw), but if you are Gallentean you should not neglect that ship!! fly any ship you like, it’s your choice, but you HAVE TO train the Myrm :D

    whatever others say, I’m proud to be Gallentean :)

  • insaneSE7EN says:

    lol awesome!!

  • TheVeiTFight says:

    no auto on hurri? xD

  • ACExArry says:

    post your fit here

  • ITSAssassin says:

    a mag stab on an autocannon ship? and another EANM that gives maybe 2-3% extra resists? Nah I’m happy with my plate. If you’re asking that question than you really don’t understand how pvp works.

  • Rocklobster888888 says:

    Just one question, why have a plate when you’re active tanked? Instead you could put another mag stab or energized membrane.

  • BashfullyFire says:

    LOL wow they are fail… not on the fact you lived but the fact none of them neuted u…. Common sense.. silly people!

  • SilentMarineSniper says:

    wow….i cryed abit a 4man dessy gang could do better then that fail gate camp………in fact…..we have done better then that on alot of occasions……..gotta wonder tho… do idiots like that afford bs and BC???

  • ITSAssassin says:

    if you look, you can see the apoc is getting hammered by the gate guns. I almost always attack what is being shot at first, and if that wasn’t the case, I still would have went after the apoc because it was the most expensive ship out there.

  • Rawr5649 says:

    I’m a Gallente xtraining into Minny, this makes me want to skill the hell out of my Myrm

  • Rawr5649 says:

    noob cane pilot

  • KalElKryptonsFinest says:

    Railguns track terribly at close range and use capacitor power that would better be used for running the tank.

  • ainumahtar says:

    Why would you go for the apoc first, before those BC? Especially considering the cane didn’t even move o.O

  • ITSAssassin says:

    lol I like seeing amarr bs go pop =P

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