Size Matters! Foundation

A little tutorial on how foundation sizes and compacts mislead. Some great foundations you may not know about are: Ben Nye – Matte Creme Foundation Kryolan – Ultra Foundation Graftobian – my fav! HD Foundation (cream) All of these are available online and they won’t break your bank account like higher end foundations.

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Here’s me playing Star Trek Online on my PC!

Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  • Bab3l1ci0us says:

    scaryy.. what? you are very handsome

  • BreezesofConey says:

    Hey here I am in the screen!

  • PeachPetal21 says:

    what skin type is cream foundation for?  dry? I have combo-to oily skin and I can’t find good foundation. mattifying look horrible but hydrating ones looks fine but after an hour.. it’s too much “glow” ;p

  • effymakeup says:

    cinema secrets

  • marianz85 says:

    the cinema….wich brand it is? and where can i found it? thanks


    A WISE VIDEO Series. Good point Goss!

  • MochaKnitster007 says:

    Great advice. I can’t remember how I found you (through Panacea81, maybe?) I’m glad I found you. Your tutorials on makeup for men shocked me. I had no idea that men could emphasize their beard stubble. I need to check your videos to see if you’ve done one on how to cover scars on your face and/or body…I think that would be a great video for men and women.

  • Medhb says:

    You are so awesome! You should start your own cosmetics line.

  • zacefronsbf says:

    really learnt loads, thx .

  • Nerak86 says:

    very true >.< I check that with polish nails :P

  • misstracyley says:

    Wayne. You’re cool and you’re hot!!

  • sallycinnamon4 says:

    Hi Wayne

    You may already know this, but Alex Box once told me that the Illamasqua packaging is dedigned that way so that you can use the shape of the foundation/blusher/eyeshadow compacts to create shapes on the face. x

  • xsweetcrisx says:

    This is true! For other products like eye shadows etc

  • PattyStCroix says:

    Graftobian is my fav too! Great vid

  • cindys510 says:


  • bananacot says:

    Your are a very sexy man..!

  • BrighterThanYours says:


  • JmlBeauty says:

    Heey(: i really love your makeup and you know a lot about it so i love watchinn ur videos! Please subscribe me and watch my videos!(:

  • MssRodriguez247 says:

    Do you realize how amazing you are?! I just love you. :) If I ever saw you I’d give you a great big hug. Thanks for the amazing vids and advice you share with us all.

  • jalapena2007 says:

    Really good point. Thanks.  <3

  • gr23452 says:

    are there any “drug store” brands that you like??–for those of us that cannot afford MAC, etc)

  • makeupfirstschool says:

    We stock Cinema Secrets for the student kits at Make Up First School of Makeup Artistry in Chicago; the students love the product. It is truly the most versatile makeup, for beauty, theatrical as well as camouflage applications. The packaging has been changed to a more appealing silver, but still in the same shaped container. In our vids, we often use the makeup artist Cinema Secrets palettes, that offer five shades per palette. Thanks for sharing Cinema Secrets info!

  • meggerdegger says:

    WOW I’ve never thought about that. that’s carzy. And you are hot too!

  • ALMat101 says:

    have you tried the Joe Blaso ultra base? I think its the same concept as the cinema secrets one you talked about.

  • clubpokemon224 says:

    i don’t think so which is pretty annoying

  • wallofdeath123 says:

    hey hey can i ask u something..? how much does it cost and is it worth to buy…? Alienware i mean…

  • wallofdeath123 says:

    hey hey can i ask u something..? how much does it cost and is it worth to buy…?

  • Deta335 says:

    ok btw im prepared to pay up to 2500 :)

  • stryderprime says:

    look at my first video review of the alienware aurora review back in 09 and you will see what I have. However it won’t do any good now since the tech spec that alienware is offering now is a lot different then before and a whole lot better. Be prepare to pay up to 1700 for a really good system. BTW I haven’t played STO for the past year, I got tried of it really quick.

  • Deta335 says:

    hey can you tell me your tech specs im planning to get Alienware Aurora coz i have 4 vice admirals and a crapy PC wich cant handle a PvP map.

  • Deta335 says:

    hey can you tell me your tech specs im planning to get Alienware Aurora coz i have 4 vice admirals and a crappy PC wich cant handle a PvP map.

  • tochbomb1 says:

    Man, you should use more weapons on your enemies! :-s

  • scool41 says:

    best ways to play good games at low cost is just upgrade ur computer put high graphic card and etc it would at least cost 100-200$

  • SinBoxGaming says:

    way to copy starcraft2

  • dem82652 says:

    I Love playing SOL!!!

  • Ronald3570 says:

    you can get the alienware HD monitor with it when you customize the PC, but its optional.

  • devilish882 says:

    it doesnt come with one you have to order it with the pc

  • goodatlinerider says:

    very tempted to buy this. im building a new pc in the next week and I really love star trek, is this game fun after the first little while?

  • KamikazeProd says:

    i heard this game sucks. how do you like it?

  • dustindcc9 says:

    hey, just wondering how much you spent on everything. checked out alienwares website the other day. i am saving up to buy a aurora, i am thinking that it is goin gto cost me like 1500 from scratch. i am really looking forward for the starwars old republic mmorpg to come out. any tips for buying this pc? thanks

  • neverfearchrisishere says:

    The Mid-hi end new Dell Monitors are supprissingly great – and you can pick them up cheaply off of ebay.

  • hastePlayer says:

    is it pay 2 play?

  • hmmineedanamenow says:

    Eh, I’ll get me one later. My emachines (emachines sucks!) HD monitor will do for now.

  • stryderprime says:

    This is the Samsung T260HD Touch of Color 26. I got it at tigerdirect for 320. Check it out!

  • ZeBlahDer says:

    it dosent come with the monitor but you can pay more to get the alienware monitor or these other two i cant remember

  • hmmineedanamenow says:

    @stryderprime Hey does this computer come with a monitor? I’ve got to get me one lol.

  • spinster65 says:

    lol i was watching this and looking at the vid and i was just sayin to my self the fps on this is crap but then thats when i looked at the video time it was like 1 second to every 10 lol looks like this computer kicks some but

  • howardkevinm says:

    i have STO. whats your characters name? im trohm@khowar30

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