Singularity Testing – Incursion Avatar Creation

From the Eve Online Test Server (Singularity) – CCP announced that the new character creation feature was available to test, although many things are not working right yet as its all unfinished. Unfortunately the final avatar is not used it game, it just forces you to create one. Neat UI and the way you can sculpture the model is very intuitive, more so that I expected. Dev Blog:

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This is my tribute to Eve Online, the best MMO in the entire world, in my opinion at least. Eve online is a game that tests the mind and will of the player, it is educational in the sense that it gives you a taste of how brutal real life can be, but is a fun, challenging game to enjoy in order to test one’s mind and resourcefulness against another… Build your empire, and join the fight. This video was made on Windows Movie Maker, and all rights belong to CCP for the video clips used in this tribute. Videos included: Eve Online – The Empyrean Age Eve Online – Dominion Eve Online – Incursion Music: Auracle Music – “Epic Legend” Special Thanks to MusicHealsUrSoul for the epic video from which I got the music from and CCP for creating such a grand game.

23 Responses to “Singularity Testing – Incursion Avatar Creation”

  • woodygoody says:

    rick rolled!

  • asargentb says:

    Lex Luthor!

  • nauroticdax says:

    wait. what the hell

  • NinjatoBlade says:

    @excaluber I think it was destroyed on the ship or outlawed, or she just locked it up somewhere tell she needs it again…

    Or maybe some guy in a stealth bomber named Luke Skywalker came in and blew it up with a torp :P lol jk, but I know you can find it on Google or the back-story somewhere… And I agree, its one of the most epic scenes ever lol.

  • excaluber says:

    I Still wonder What Happened to the Weapon that Jamyl Sarum deployed “Terran Superweapon fitted to her Abaddon” I love that scene, all those Apocs then from all them pops out the Abaddon.

  • saleem8171 says:

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  • NinjatoBlade says:

    @ploothable TYVM for the comment!

  • ploothable says:

    How can anyone dislike a persons effort to show affection to his favorite game? Sure, It’s not cinematic quality, but it’s awesome nonetheless.

  • NinjatoBlade says:

    @goliathlup1 Ha! I know what you mean, its addicting and the trailers make you want to come back even more, you going to be returning for Incarna and captain’s Quarters? Btw, ty for watching the video.

  • goliathlup1 says:

    Damn… Did i have to see this now?!! Eve is dragging me back…

  • coolbot2 says:

    @NinjatoBlade well yeh but someone in the guild i forgot who but asked where you went and Gimi said you went to eve and yeh….
    But i guess we are the only 2 that actually miss you the others just want to know when you coming back
    havent been on WAR this week cuz my cousins came over but yeh

  • NinjatoBlade says:

    @coolbot2 Honestly, it seems to me like the only ones missing me are you and Gimi, the rest of them are all new, correct?

  • coolbot2 says:

    @NinjatoBlade meh its ok i have started up an engi again and im loving it

  • NinjatoBlade says:

    @coolbot2 I ment to go on WAR on monday, but had to much going on irl, sorry.

  • coolbot2 says:

    @NinjatoBlade lol yeh looks to intense for me
    And eve doesnt look interesting to me anyways
    The lads be missing you back in WAR tho

  • gravyman15 says:

    @NinjatoBlade That just made this video 10x less impressive

  • NinjatoBlade says:

    I gotta say, this is probbly the best video I’ve ever made lol…

  • NinjatoBlade says:

    @gravyman15 Good to hear lol, but I only cut appart bits of trailers and edited the audio, so don’t be surprised lol.

  • gravyman15 says:

    I’m surprised you made this video, the graphics are awesome, sorta makes me want to play EVE ;)

  • NinjatoBlade says:

    @coolbot2 Your just sad I’m not playing WAR with you anymore lol, shame you can’t play Eve, I’d like to bring you there, but its a pretty intense game lol.

  • coolbot2 says:


    LOL jk jk this good Video man

  • NinjatoBlade says:

    @StarShammy TYVM man, and thanks for watching!!! Btw, looked at your channel, the “When Cheese fails” video was freaking hilarious lol.

  • StarShammy says:

    WOW! Awesome, good job sir!

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