Shields Versus Armor Fleet: The Kundalini Manifest – Eve Online

Armor finally got their act together this time. This was contested site 4/4 For the Frar Incursion of 3/7/2012. 4th shield victory of the incursion! Us shield folks are glad to have a fight for a change Keep it up TDF!

\o/ CCP needs to add audio warnings to heat damage so i dont do this a 4th time. Ballsing fights up like a pro since 2009. Music: Assorted tracks from Two Steps from hell. These wern’t added they were actually what i was listening to at the time of the fight yet they fit the video perfect.

Video Rating: 4 / 5

6 Responses to “Shields Versus Armor Fleet: The Kundalini Manifest – Eve Online”

  • jnrivers says:

    Good video.

  • finian1712 says:

    @MrSmellerB That’s exactly what I told him after the fight ^_^ He is certainly a brave man, and now graces the top four slots of my kills :) THIS IS REVENGE FOR THE FAILFIT NANO SHIELD HARBINGER :(

  • eveonline247 says:

    Nice fight dude, unlucky on your loss! The music choice was nice; the second song is from that EVE Tribute, I love it!
    The problem with the Kiting Drake is that it hasn’t got much Cap which makes it quite hard Vs. multiple targets. I will mail you a cool setup for kiting tho ;D

  • MrSmellerB says:

    Next time you burn your launchers or guns out… ungroup them. Sometimes only 1 out of the group is burnt causing the whole group not to work.

  • handcannonftw says:

    The music when you were about to die matched it excellently too :)

  • handcannonftw says:

    Haha :P , on your last video I tell you the music doesn’t suit the video well, and you go find the most epic music possible! XD Good job man, thumbs up.

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