Shields of Glory – Solo BS PvP

EVE Files – Download: What u will see in this vid: – Blaster’s (lots of em) – drunken Piloting – Camerashaking – decent solo fight’s (imo) What u will NOT see: – Nanofiber II – ECM Drones – T3/Falcon/Scout alt – Pro footage Ships Flown: Ferox, Drake, Scorpion, Raven, Rokh Track-List [In Order]: █ Noisia – Dystopia █ Portishead – Machine Gun █ Gemini – Elevate █ Kill Bill – Bang Bang (Hedlok Remix) █ Moleman – Rush █ MGMT – Kids (Dagga Remix) █ Mario M – Let me out

Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Shields of Glory – Solo BS PvP”

  • Sizwe Mkhize says:

    Hmmm. Nice video indeed. Im new to the game, and I think i took for granted just how much damage those shields can soak up. Not after this video.

  • Solutio Letum says:

    dont hide passive modules, you need to know how much damaged they are, why? necause if you use sine nanite paste on your active ones you wont see how much damaged the passive ones are

  • TheRealSmitethis says:

    Nice vid

  • roshawn1111 says:

    dont see how you do it man every time i take the rohk out i get nueted to death

  • Hi25ful says:

    the almighty rokh

  • XDMR says:

    cant hit vexor after it started moving since tracking, cant kill navy scorp because of tank

  • XDMR says:

    thanks for watching, im glad you liked it. No im not using any other characters no scout no ganglink nothing otherwise it wouldnt be solo imho :)

  • TheCwpan says:

    Thank you for uploading this video, it was very interesting, and makes a change to alot of videos here, i will be sure to try crystals as soon as i can afford it and il try to see what i can do :) , by the way, were you using any boosts (dedicated ship with links) for any of these shield boosting videos or just pure drugs and implantation? i bet you have a naughty fit really to sustain that extra tank/ PG issues as you show your implants very interesting mate,

  • TheLaserlord says:

    if you overload a lot and you have a boost amp its stupid to have them hiden since overheat dmg can spread across all modules

  • JOakesMili says:

    I never considered setting out the damage types with missles 2-2-2, cover all your bases… I’ll have to play around with it

  • Mnemofyre says:

    Why did you switch over to attacking the Cane at 17:18? You could have devoured the vexor and the scorp.

  • GameXtacy says:

    Great vid! With ASBs the Rohk is seriously a deadly boat.

  • EveOracle says:

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  • leetsnipez says:

    And this is why you don’t use plates in small gang/1v1 warfare. People in this game always seem to think “MOAR ARMOR EQUALS BETTER”. Resists and an active shield booster or an armor repper will beat plates any day. Even though it wasn’t exactly a fair matchup, I could beat any plated ship in the vindi I had with a dual repper, dual cap booster setup. The plates are only there to fix their screwup. Gives them plenty of time to dock.

  • 98Channels says:

    you can beat that maelstrom pretty easy with a little modification to your fitting. make more use of the bonuses by dropping the web and using two pithum a type invulns.

  • 98Channels says:

    the fight with the harb was interesting. if he was going to cap boost then he might have made use of another neut. active tanks are cool, but only as good as the number of boosters you can carry. neuts make quick work of them.

  • ArmAMajor says:

    Cool video, now im even more scared to go low sec :P

  • Mitch Muers says:

    either way, good job :)

  • XDMR says:

    Feel free to send ISK or Rokhs to XDMR ingame :D

  • XDMR says:

    cant really remember maybe fitting issues

  • Mitch Muers says:

    Why did the scorp have Beams instead of Pulse?

  • Joshua Fox says:

    Great video love the songs thank you for including them in the description love the video where i send ISK donation?

  • Lootwhore1 says:

    I was sad when the Rokh died. =( Depressing man. Depressing

  • deadat2 says:

    yes well i have plenty experince with you pew after last night :P lol

  • charonmoon1 says:

    Are you podded??? it´s possible….

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