Sci-Fi Weekly – Tribes: Ascend Update, EVE Online Inferno 1.2, Planetside 2 Closed Beta by JonnyPew

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In between of being camped in 319 I decide to hunt down some war targets on my alt. First time using a 100mn AB legion on TQ and I made lots of mistakes… I was being overly cautious with aligning out at times and not keeping up my traversal. The fight started with a Raptor chasing me off gate for tackle while his gang was on the other side of gate. I quickly killed the raptor and a hurricane and harbinger jumps in to assist. Video starts when I close in on a Hurricane with a harbinger in warp to him. I had to warp out with a scorpion on field and fortunately a corpie logged in nearby to help me take the rest. The scorpion managed to get a jam on me while he was in deep structure :\. Later I caught a prophecy that I thought was bait but was just someone trying to get away. I hope everyone enjoys the video, I plan on making more of these with this ship. Keep in mind all my subsystems were at lvl4 at this time and some skills are not quite where I want them but as I progress my DPS and tank should be much much better. Song: Krazy Baldhead – The 4th Movement (The Glitch Mob Remix)

Video Rating: 5 / 5

12 Responses to “Sci-Fi Weekly – Tribes: Ascend Update, EVE Online Inferno 1.2, Planetside 2 Closed Beta by JonnyPew”

  • JonnyPew says:

    I’ve registered weeks ago, but have yet to check if I got accepted.
    thanks for the info Frizzik

  • JonnyPew says:

    my personal youtube is where i post all the EVE content, this show is for covering the news/updates of the games I play or are planning to play

  • OccMedMD says:

    For Sci-fi fans with Nook/Kindle app or device: novel No One Lives Forever, a cyborg love story. Visit Amazon or Barnes & Noble and download a copy, $2.99.

  • Micheal Ferrol says:

    Hey Pew, if you are going to cover something more indepth about the games other than release dates you get my Sub. Maybe some non PVP EVE tips. PVP is over-overed.

  • MrFrizzik says:

    Planetside 2 Closed Beta is supposed to be releasing tomorrow or monday. But if you don’t have a priority key or have never played the first game you’ll be waiting for weeks before they start giving out keys to you guys.

    PS: priority keys are gained from Twitter/facebook ect.

  • uselessSomeone says:

    I’m amazed at how many 100MN HAM Legions now exist. The main problem is that… not a lot of people know how to fly it properly… This was average, at best…

  • Robert Castillo says:

    whats your Legions fitting?

  • livefree4780 says:

    what was your fit?
    i lost a legion today to 2 machriels, and i need to up my game.

  • RevCScott says:

    Nice vid. Sorry about camping you into 319 :

  • TakeitEasyG says:

    Thanks, knew it had to be glitch mob!

  • rolandooo says:

    Krazy Baldhead – The 4th Movement (The Glitch Mob Remix)

  • TakeitEasyG says:

    Nice vid, whats the song?

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