Rupture vs Maelstrom (Eve Online)

Cruiser vs Battleship. In the next week or so, I won’t be able to log on to Eve. So I leave you with this last fight I had tonight. This is a teaser to my next video which I am working on collecting fraps for :-) The video is in very early stages, as I need a lot more fights to make a good one. This fight will appear in the next video, but in a very cut-down and even more sped-up version. So here you can watch about half of it in speed x2. The fight itself lasted almost 20 minutes, the Mael took 137040 damage. The Maelstrom’s drone control was very good, he made them last till the very end, hitting my armor bit by bit for a long time, and he let his drones die out only towards the end, when his cap boosters were running low and he had nothing more to lose due to soon being dead. He got about half of my armor, which means that if I only had a 800 plate, I would die. So he did very well for the situation… But in this fit, I have both 1600 and 800 plate, as well as a Tracking Disruptor, a small NOS, and a rocket launcher… Really, this was the perfect fight for this Rupture, and I am very lucky to have found it. I was hunting this Maelstrom for about 10min before finally landing in the same belt with it. I was talking with someone else in local before he warped to the belt, and tried to sound very carebear-ish and uninterested in anything such as a Mael, which seemed to have worked. GF to Mael pilot, who stayed to the bitter end & was a good sport about

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  • unfairtrout says:

    The little rupture who could.

  • blacknova23 says:

    Is this guy had some friends it would been all over much quicker.

  • JBolivarDiGriz says:


  • 1RTVc says:

    That strom pilot must hav som isk. to not give a dam.

  • DarkFang89 says:

    Self Destruct ftw, he had plenty of time… :P

  • Aldap Eve says:

    In actuality, if you use the CA-1 and 2, you don’t even need a 3% PG, a 1% PG will be enough to fit it. I need the 3% for other fits with 425 guns.

  • Aldap Eve says:

    Correct. I am using the two implants that CCP gave for free at two different points of patching the game: Genolution CA-1 and CA-2, the increase your PG and CPU a lot. And therefore allow you to fit a much higher variety of fits! I highly recommend using them for lowsec (or nullsec, but only if you wouldn’t mind the big risk of losing them), plus a 3% PG implant :-) Altogether quite cheap. Hope that helps.

  • witchking101010 says:

    Do you have implants to fly that Ruppy, I’ve EFT’d up a few of the fits from your killboard but even at V on everything I’m still 4-6% short on power grid :(

  • witchking101010 says:

    Impressive, well dome.

  • Aldap Eve says:

    You can check out my loss mails from the last 2 months, you’ll see couple dozen different Rupture fits, you’ll figure it out, just look for the double plated ones. Every fit has its own little purpose, a wish for a “perfect” situation its trying to achieve. This fit just found its perfection in this fight. So now it can rest in peace, floating in empty space out there somewhere :-)

  • JonnyPew says:

    Wooo! well done!
    never would’ve thought a rupture could take down a maelstrom

  • Drazer012 says:

    Love it but i HAVE to see your rupture fit :D

  • Aldap Eve says:

    He tried. What I do is pull drones in, then back out, put on his drones again while he starts relocking my drones. Or just leave them inside and shoot his drones with Rockets + Web which is enough to take them out… So he has to pull them back in, and I take my drones out again… and so on. Rockets were really perfect for this engagement, I couldn’t ask for a better fight for the exact fit I was roaming. Just had to be very careful not to ‘break’ anything, not a single drone :-)

  • Wargargble says:

    he should have killed your drones with his :i

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