Revisiting EVE Online – Part 9 – with Dr Aether

EVE Online is a game I started playing back in 2004. I’ve not played it for 5 years and now I’m back to see what’s changed. Boy, a lot has changed! New session with a friend, watch out worm hole space!

EVE Online – AT10 Day 6 – Agony Empire vs Dark Taboo

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  • songofkokiri says:

    The adventure update was in LATE beta…

  • SpoonfedVideos says:

    All in all, I want to see more of you and Dr. Aether. :D

  • Gormathius Nightrider says:

    I know this is quite an unrelated topic, but did you know they’re planning to add adventure mode to the next MC update? (When was the adventure update, like late alpha, early beta?) Anyway, they’re adding it now and it’s about the same as normal, but much more limited. They’re also gonna add trading with testificates.

  • ArchmageMelek says:

    Absolutely. ;-)

  • ArchmageMelek says:

    Yes, a lot of the time. It all depend on what you do I suppose. If you do nothing but run missions then it can be pretty quick… But most of it can be very slow paced.

  • Kiyoshix84 says:

    Dr. Aether’s favorite phrase is obviously “Absolutely”… Melek’s “With any luck” or “this is madness” =P

  • AssassinBelisimo says:

    Melek, I have been away from youtube for a bit, and it’s safe to say, I have missed you’re voice and commentaries! It’s great to be back :)

  • MegaBluepeople says:

    Please keep on making these.

  • SmackcrackIV says:

    I need more of this! Two year old active (casual: i am only 17 after all, so there’s school to worry about ^^) eve player here, and this is just entertaining as heck! :) perhaps I could join? Sounds like a lot of fun

  • SpoonfedVideos says:

    Something I wanted to know is; this game is pretty slow paced, does it feel that way when you play it too? :)

  • JoeMinion says:

    Sounds like you and I last played EVE about the same time.

    After a few months, I realized that stress wasn’t that much fun…

    SPAZ has been a good substitute for me. :)

  • ArchmageMelek says:

    Do you want to be a miner? A fighter? A builder? A researcher? A pirate?

    EVE is what ever you make of it.

  • adamrules01 says:

    i want to play this game but i dont know what to do. i complete the tutorial missions then im just ……………….

  • xRedHitmanx says:

    I mined for the entire the first trial I ever got. I’ve gotten another trial and I just can’t find my way into mining again =S I’ll figure it out eventually =]

  • ArchmageMelek says:

    It’s quite a complex game. The idea is to start simple and get used to something like mining roid belts and defending against NPC rats.

    Then you can either go hunting rats or do missions (now you have a better ship) or get into manufacturing.

    Then start PvP, do even tougher missions, get into colony management, research or get a mining barge and destroy roids for a living!

    Just start simple and build up step by step.

  • ArchmageMelek says:

    You buy it in a station and then use it right away. There should be no need to move it to another station.

  • xRedHitmanx says:

    I’ve always wanted to get into this game, but its so damn hard to understand it. =[

  • adamrules01 says:

    what is someone steals your PLEX?

  • Bryan6446 says:

    Dammit youtube why you no buffer HD.

  • TheKaduflyerSystem says:

    We got a four day weekend with Monday the 4th and Tuesday the 5th off with the actual Jubilee on the Monday

  • ArchmageMelek says:

    Under £10 if you buy it direct from CCP, or about 450 million ISK for a PLEX ingame.

  • Longtimer49 says:

    melek how much is it to pay for a month subscription in isk?

  • formelekandscreen says:

    the guy from the famous ‘trololol’ video died! he was so happy, too bad he cant be anymore :(

  • DaLastInDaWorld says:

    I know what it is, but I didn’t know when it had happened. :P

  • DaLastInDaWorld says:

    Was that today? I’m in the US, so I’m unaware of what happens in the UK.

  • whiety11 says:

    he confused me when he said AT6 in the beginning of the vid…lol

  • penitent2401 says:

    stealth bombers got the new looks already, but it’s only for stealth bombers, their t1 frig variation still has old model.

  • R4Akai says:

    becouse he want sit back and watch porn.

  • njcBlackeyed says:

    I was surprisingly nervous before we got ported to Jove, once on grid though I could barely wait =)

  • SilentMarineSniper says:

    Another Fail match By dark taboo.

  • Elthenar says:

    Well, if you are in a Titan then your ship would be the size of a town. You could spend a lot of time just inside of it.

  • L0udtalker says:

    15 dollars a month is a second job for you?

  • DarkFang89 says:

    TB are bad, last game they sucked as well.

  • ssrMarcel says:

    1) if you play it well enough, you don’t have to pay, you can just buy game-time with ingame money. prices are steep, but not impossible.

    2) your second job would be in space. why would you want to explore the inside of your ship when there’s an entire galaxy to be explored?

  • ogat11 says:

    well there kinda is no ‘inside’ of the ship because you are in a pod

  • Xzen808 says:

    Nice shot of the Vindicators at the end of the clip. Very nice win.

  • ross817 says:

    I know it’s incredibly shallow of me, but the only thing that will get me to play EVE Online would be if you could explore the inside of your ship. That would officially be cool enough to get me to buy it, but as it is right now it’s basically a second job that you pay for the privilege to have. From my perspective, at least.

  • Don Gonzalez says:

    Stealth Bombers were getting a model change… it’s not implimented yet? They showed a video a while back with the new missle effects as well.

  • khaderach19 says:

    kestrels are still in the old model.

  • Ragingtonberries says:

    Anyone else notice the Manticores in the intro graphic being the old model?

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