Reincarnation All Hallow’s Evil Walkthrough

A video walkthrough of Reincarnation All Hallow’s Evil Walkthrough—-Play the game here:

Video Rating: 4 / 5

In Pocketville there’s a beautiful kitty princess named Ava who matches new friends, children and pets. One day, by the doing of her envious twin sister Eva, she is accidentally sent to the ‘real world’ while our protagonist, Kate, is sent to Pocketville in her place. In princess Ava’s absence, Kate, together with her recently matched pet friend Magic, make sure that Ava’s duties of matching children and pets continue while Eva tries everything she can to stop them so that she can become the new princess! (Length: 52×13 mins) For more information, please go to This video has been used with permission from Mondo TV SpA

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