Raven Gank in Low Sec, EvE Online Piracy

Pre nano nerf gank of a raven. It was a comical kill of some new player who was probably testing his Raven against low sec rats.

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  • Bokumaru says:

    Ray Romano plays Eve online?

  • robwilco1 says:

    At first i didnt listen and i was like why the hell is this guy going agains a raven in a vexor.. then i saw the color and thaight of ishtar… and my dumb brain started listening and eventually i realized the obvious thing -.-

  • DasFunkwagen says:

    I love how you predict when he’s gonna start shooting back

  • dashawnthl says:

    Im new to eve online and watching this video how you just hunted that guy down like a animal makes me fear going to low sec even more. Good Video!!!

  • someonejm says:

    aww sends me a sad smiley face..

  • KalaaQ says:

    Oh… God damn shoot the drones not the ship

  • WarlordGaming says:

    @joelharkes It depends, I’m pretty sure that it’s completely random whether an item gets destroyed or not.

  • Netravick says:

    Very nice vid.

  • geramul says:

    He didn’t even start locking him until this guy had just about finished off his armor.

  • geramul says:

    Are you saying that because of this video? The reason this guy wasn’t dying is one, the raven pilot didn’t fire back until he was practically dead (lol), and two, this was before a speed nerf that CCP implemented. Before that, ships fit like this guy’s could EASILY kite missiles and whatnot.

  • ChipZilla69 says:

    I’m new to eve and have gone caldari missile tank. I’m starting to think I went the wrong direction. Should have gone guns I think.

  • pcquintana says:

    ROFL bully

  • xIdontknowIx says:

    Dude make more !!!

    make like solo pvp commantarys (y)

  • cgavin1 says:

    Man those were the days. I wonder how far the psychological effect of ‘deer in headlights’ goes? Maybe AD something?

  • cilayin says:

    I know that raven was running a sebo and ravens, especially newer players (since he was flying all t1), have horribly long lock times.. Even with a sebo.. Probably took him 20~ seconds to lock you. Although still seemed to take forever to target you even with the long lock times of a raven. oh well.. i dont know why he just went to another belt, shouldve just gone to a safe. :( Good videos!

  • swebuilder says:

    :( …I wanna play this game so bad

  • rogrymi says:

    Essentially its a ship fitted to make it go really freaking fast and make it highly maneuverable. doesnt work as well now that they nerfed it though.

  • Tyetheberious says:

    What is a nano ships?

  • GalaticTG says:

    raven = pinata

  • alpha9190 says:

    what kinda ship is that??? (yours ^^)

  • Helge129 says:

    No, it was a torp raven. Torp raven + high DPS nanoishtar = raven dies.

  • TheQvirus says:

    this guy must have been AFK!!! what a fucking moron!!

  • Helge129 says:

    You just can’t accept being a noob, can you? Nano ishtars are quite win.

  • AngryMaxThePirate says:


  • AngryMaxThePirate says:

    my alt? hahahaha omg, i love it

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