Rafi Resurrected – An Eve In London – Sonu Nigam pt(1/12)

An Evening In London – Sonu Nigam paying tribute to Mohammad Rafi along with CBSO in London UK.

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  • christian david says:


  • akhdiga says:

    all you sonu nigam haters,you must have some kind of hearing defect…consider how much sonu nigam has worked on his singing skills untill date.the effort he puts into it is amazing and those who talk crap about him are 1 out of 10 000 000 !!!

    sonu nigam is a super duper talent and already a legend. no one of his generation can EVER come close to him!

  • gulshan09000 says:

    while rfi is best persons aping him like sonu thinking they are better than rafi sounds pathetic bloody asshole sonu nigaam worse ever singer

  • gulshan09000 says:

    sonu nigaam is worseever gadha singer

  • kachhekaqaidi says:

    I appreciate Sonu Nigam but he puts unnecessarily extra wavy variations to show off himself rather…. which spoils the tribute and the moment about to get drowned in Rafi Sahab’s memory. Well he started with Maiyya Taro Naiyya mythological parody of the then running music thanda thanda pani….. Baba sehgal…. but he just clicked and was absorbed well with his albums like deewana and from one of his album even we have Bipasha Basu, I appreciate his efforts.

  • 54kprabha says:

    Arre yaar gaane ka mazaaa lo ! yeh kya paagalpanthi hai ki yeh achcha hai woh acchcha hai. It is like fools fighting over that the apple is good or orange is good or mango is good etc. CANT EVEN ENJOY GOOD SONGS WITH FOOLS POSTING STUPID COMMENTS TRYING TO PULL DOWN SINGERS ! If you dont like a singer dont listen to him and go listen to the singer/s whom you like and praise him whatever .

  • vijanster says:

    that awkward moment when millions compare SONU NIGAM s voice to RAFI SAHAB s Toe nail….thats an insult to rafi sahabs toe nail :)

  • aarkay1000 says:

    Wow, admit it or not, he is the modern Rafi, and no less talented, I must add.

  • soni43211 says:

    very well said .. sonu has always rock… . sonu’s voice has the best trubute for mohamad rafi

  • AhmadiyyatCentenary says:


  • entraping says:

    what the…. this is really bad ….. thats only i can say… because as a the Fan of the greatest playback singer ever M. RAFI i can not stan this….. sonu is very good but he has not justified the effort that was needed… his recoded songs are better but this one…. sorry i dislike…

  • Rajat Kalia says:

    i dnt understand why pakis people critisise indian singer ,why u guys listen to us just listen to ur lollywood and critisise ur songs and movies if they exist…………………

  • khurmiful says:

    This orchestra has played music better than the original sound tracks, apart from tabla and dhol, every thing is more than acceptable to my ears. If only rafi saab had this quality available to him. I have the simplest of tastes. I only like the best. This rafi v sonu debate that is needlessly raging down below, I would like to say that rafi was very lucky to have lived in the golden age of music, whereas poor sonu struggles to find good music. I wonder how many of sonu’s songs will be lis

  • MHS024 says:

    Please do not compare Original with Duplicate. Original remains original.  With due respect to Sonu he has done justice to pay homage to Rafi Sahab which none other can do. When I listen to the 2nd song “hum tum se juda hoke” of Rafi Sahab, I literally cry…. That’s the magic of Rafi sahab’s voice….RIP Rafi Sahab.

  • mohdrafihabib says:

    Hardcore Rafi Fans : Plz don’t criticize sonu for what he is doing. plz understand that he doesn’t need to do this anymore as he himself is an established singer so, he is just doing it to shows his love & gratitude towards Rafi sahab. are we supposed to appreciate him or criticize him? what we have done for Rafi sahab? we just listen to his songs sitting at home. Do You realise what he has done? Through Him the new generation of the whole world is reliving Rafi sahab songs. Plz understand Guys

  • hemukumarjhansiindia says:

    I have literally fallen in love with this orchestra.75 musicians is not a joke and that the orchestra director being a foreigner has picked up even the very final details and incorporated into an Indian perspective.As a musician I also play with western notations KUDOS.Sonu has done it.You are too good Sonuji. I must say that Rafi sahib has been the greatest singer ever .His songs can never be forgotten.

  • ripunjay007pathak says:

    dum hai..

  • Latha Nelapati says:

    Exactly this is what I mean.. Not only singing Rafi’s song but involving non indian musicians and taking this up like a mission… All those who criticize should stop comparing and make fools out of themselves. Sonu made all indian proud with this concert. We can rise our heads high.

  • ashishscott says:

    huhhh,,,,,,,atif,,,,he’s nuthin in frnt of SONU….
    SONU ROckzzzz m/

  • legendatifaslam says:


  • jalgaonkardewang says:

    You said just what is there in my heart. I like your comment very very much. I am happy to know that there are people in the world who know which singer is at which level. And I just love Mohammad Rafi!!!!!!!!

  • MrKnightridersam says:

    Mohammed Rafi was best that’s why sonu is singing his teacher’s songs.

  • MrKnightridersam says:

    Mohammed Rafi was best is best and will be best..

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