Rae Morris Makeup The Ultimate Guide Review

Here is my review of the Rae Morris book Makeup The Ultimate Guide. I bought this book myself years ago and it is by far the best makeup book i’ve ever read. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Subscribe to Rae Morris on youtube if you haven’t. It would really mean a lot to me. www.youtube.com and say Wayne sent you :)

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • kasiapn says:

    Thanks Goss!

  • paddywackswanson says:

    I already had this book when I saw that Wayne had reviewed it, and I absolutely agree with him that it is the best make-up book out there. Rae Morris is a fabulous make-up artist, and so is Wayne; they both make women look like their best selves, and they don’t ignore the more mature make-up aficionado. Wish Wayne would consider putting a book together, I’d definitely buy it.

  • terayjr says:

    i bought this book 8 days ago and wanted to return. unfortunately i have only one week to do so. no it’s not bad, it’s just it’s for more for professional MUA and aspiring ones. the eye make up are mostly for editorials and runways (that’s my impression anyway), it’s too much even for clubbing. although i learned some about contouring, diy exfoliant, and foundation, stuff that i bet i’d learn from other cheaper books like Robert Jones.

  • jynxkatx says:

    ^_^ just bought this book! cant wait for it to arrive in the post !!!! x x

  • awannabe85 says:

    you’re a massive deal as well!

  • lisette975 says:

    just got the book from amazon thanks to your review(i trust them all by the way) and it is amazing!!! im just reading it at the moment, it is so interesting and really detailed.It really is the ULTIMATE GUIDE for makeup.I also subscribed to Rae Morris’s channel.Thank you for sharing the info. x

  • marianhieu says:

    book ordered, channel subscribed =)

  • plumpkinpatch says:

    How was her newer book you said was on its way?

  • Toobskii says:

    What an awesome review! I’m just about to buy this book and subscribe to Rae Morris. Thanks so much for sharing this info!!

  • keke145 says:

    Because of you, I purchased this book from Amazon! Can’t wait to receive it in the mail! Thank you, as always, for your recommendations, tips, etc. Your opinion is truly valued…

  • SchubsenKit says:

    Just ordered the Book today!yeah;)

  • MsBlueEyes228 says:

    Howdy Wayne,
    Just wanted to let you know that I just bought both of Rae Morris’s books and her makeup brushes!!!! I can hardly wait until they get to me in TEXAS. I’m attending a new makeup class here in Dallas, Tx in April. I hope I learned as much from them as from you. I’m in my late 40′s and I’m so glad that you are teaching the makeup skills for the mature woman. I have learned so much from you. Keep up the great work!!!!! You are an awesome teacher.

  • LaurenAlexandra711 says:

    I just realized…when I was little I NEVER saw anyone smile to apply blush, it was always sucking in the cheeks to find the cheekbones to apply blush to lol, never heard of the smiling thing until youtube (I think)

  • 2009baila says:

    wayne, I love you! LOVE your recomendations…..love victoria, bc

  • naturesuphoria says:

    Was searching Youtube and saw your page and thought to say hi.

  • KriszJB says:

    Thanks for the reviews!! You are really helping me cause I’m just started purchasing make-up books.
    And one tip for the next time: You could show the sizes of the book (how many pages, etc.). Usually, reviewers are only showing the front of the book. For example the Bobbi Brown make-up manual is quite thin, and the cover is wide.

  • AAAisikAAA says:

    I love that you review make up books, Wayne.:)

  • lexie1302 says:

    Looking forward to it!

  • makeupbymollyh says:

    rae morris makes me a proud aussie! :D

  • sweeen1994 says:

    hi i love your review on this book, definitely very interested in getting one myself. however, do you have a book or guide or website even to recommend for makeup beginners?

  • annahoran says:

    i bought this book after your review. I LOVE IT! your so cool:) Thank you!

  • Simon5005 says:

    Just got this book today from Amazon…………..WOW! I’m taking it with me to read on the airplane to San Francisco…………I’m sure it’ll make the six hours fly by (so to speak!)

  • scarletolivia says:

    love this book….. pictures are amazing!!!!

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