PVP Version of Ice Mining

The first video i have ever made… oh god how it must suck!… Anyway its what I call the PVP version of Ice mining, the beginning of a POS Seige in EVE Online… Which if you play video games and haven’t tried, TRY IT, 14 day trial.. Of course, if your an idiot, whiner, or just brain dead, the game isn’t for you. EVE is harsh on day one, and stays that way,” Syncaine writes. “WoW holds your hand from 1-80, and makes sure you get a cookie regardless if you win or lose. EVE not only takes your cookie, but laughs at you for bringing one in the first place.” — I forget which online gaming site I quoted this from. And yes thats the truth. Music is I-Scintilla cd Optics …

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14 Responses to “PVP Version of Ice Mining”

  • knurlykneed says:

    I’m trying to fruck up the business of can flipping, therefore, you mine the valuable ore of choice for yourself and jettison only cans with 1 unit of velspar while mining. You want rat flippers to open them to discover their shit. If enough people do this, at some point can flippers can bet on flipping these junk cans. It works as evidenced by channel chats, the grape vine and personal observation. There really is only one solution though: never jettison to feed the rats.

  • atwoods3 says:

    send me a private message with your email address and i’ll send you a special buddy trial that lasts 21 days. Also if you decide to subscribe i’ll send you 250 million isk!

  • siphra says:

    Pies = PCs Rats = NPCs , there are no can flipping rats.

  • knurlykneed says:

    Confused can flippers: It Works! Continuously jettisoning 1 unit of velspar to leave behind garbage cans (dang appropriate name) , while mining for your own full shipboard load, has proven to be a nice payback for can flipper rats as evidenced by chat channels, the grape vine and personal observation.

  • jakeurevig says:

    Revelation FTW!

  • flyingmonkey1001 says:

    Poor Poor Miners xD

  • ollobrains1 says:

    use 4 nightmares they can put out 5m dps per hour each x 4 u can knock over a large pos in 2-3 hours

  • siphra says:


    actually we had the dread show up after about an hour and it went down quickly after that ..

  • undo4peace says:

    how long did it take?

  • Warriorswell says:

    amarr ships are the best for seige battles (they can fire forever! and no ammo is needed if you use a t1 crystal that is if you are ok with like 300dps less) the best for pos bashing!

  • Nirion2 says:

    ooo fun…

  • idk70six says:

    By the looks of things you guys are all flying a bs? well if your one of the guys in the ravens the tell me what your fit is. A message is fine.

  • J3AD says:

    no pos defenses, deserves to be blown up.

  • ritban says:

    not bad…now come kill star fractions pos in black rise…

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