Proviblock vs EVOKE in JEIV-F 0.0 eve online

Proviblock vs EVOKE in JEIV-F 0.0 eve online. 200 man BC vs 200 man BS delaying ihub hit. Evoke already in system with 1h 23m to go on station timer. Proviblock fleet jump bridges into system. Some safespotting occurs. Several proviblock members outside the POS shield are popped by evoke fleet. Main battle occurs on gate; I actualy have fraps evidence of warping to 100km, but landing at 10km in my cloaky fraps ship. I died. I film as much of first battle as I can in my pod. Proviblock fleet seems to be clusterf**ed over many ranges whilst eveoke sit in a BS RR ball 20km away from gate. Initial battle end with proviblock losing 35 pilots to evokes 8. Some gate/sun warping occurs between both fleets, evoke trying to get a warp in and bubble. Eventually enough provi are picked off for evoke to take the system and on-line sov units in the morning.

Video Rating: 5 / 5

3 Responses to “Proviblock vs EVOKE in JEIV-F 0.0 eve online”

  • Malarkeh says:

    I’m glad someone got some footage of this i read about it on eve news and it sounded epic, great job. What’s the ship that takes a beating at the end of the vid?

  • Swwils says:

    This was running with everything on full on a windowed eve running at 1080p whilst the desktop is 1200×4000 over two screens.

    Its running a ATI 5750 1GB from sapphire on a 775 quad core.

    Brackets off gives me 20+ fps when in 400+ people, and the card struggles abit with that.

    The song is “the prodigy – Action radar ” 2004 album track

  • WhereTheyAre says:

    captures large scale battles perfectly.

    What is the band/song? also, it runs fairly smooth and the graphics haven’t reduced to derp level, what specs/settings you currently run on?

    I’m on a 955 and 470 and i lag as bad as 10 FPS when 400 in local…

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