Pokemon Platinum Ev Train Video – Special Defense

Today. ev training sp def nice results Enjoy Join our forums pokemansion.net76.net Theres gonna be a christmas tourny soon!!! What are Natures?” Every pokémon has a nature, you can see it on the “Trainer Memo” page of the summary. Natures can be more important than EVs, each nature gives a 10% boost to one stat, while cutting a different stat by 10%. This can mean quite a bit. If your main attacker uses all physical attacks and has a nature like Timid (-Attack), then it’s not going to be nearly as strong as it could be. Small Note: There’s actually 5 natures that have no effect on stats, if you get one of those natures, then you’re not getting the +10% hinderance to a stat, but you’re also losing out on the 10% boost. Okay well, what are the natures? There’s 25 different natures: Natures: Adamant: (+Attack, -Sp.Atk) Bashful: No effect Bold: (+Defense, Attack) Brave: (+Attack, -Speed) Calm: (+Sp.Def, -Attack) Careful: (+Sp.Def, -Sp.Atk) Docile: No effect Gentle: (+Sp.Def, -Defense) Hardy: No effect Hasty: (+Speed, -Defense) Impish: (+Defense, -Sp.Atk) Jolly: (+Speed, -Sp.Atk) Lax: (+Defense, -Sp.Def) Lonely: (+Attack, -Defense) Mild: (+Sp.Atk, -Defense) Modest: (+Sp.Atk, -Attack) Naive: (+Speed, -Sp.Def) Naughty: (+Attack, -Sp.Def) Quiet: (+Sp.Atk, -Speed) Quirky: No effect Rash: (+Sp.Atk, -Sp.Def) Relaxed: (+Defense, -Speed) Sassy: (+Sp.Def, -Speed) Serious: No effect Timid: (+Speed, -Attack) The “Power” Items are in the Battle Tower, each one costs 16 BP. The exact names

HERE IS PART TOO www.youtube.com A PART 3:www.youtube.com *TESTED & WORKS* here is some that I have when i get 100 thumbs up ill post more :D all you have to do is 1. put pokemon IN box 2. click all of the marks and hit enter 3. check out your new stats POKEMON WHITE:…

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49 Responses to “Pokemon Platinum Ev Train Video – Special Defense”

  • shinycollector7 says:

    Macho Brace double EV points after the others are computed

  • Matthewroxtheparty says:

    im a bit confused, i know that the first stage of most pokemon evolutions makes a +1 point and pokerus doubles that but then i wonder if the pokemon is holding the macho brace it adds a further 4 on but is the sum like this:

    pokemon point +4 X2 or is it pokemon X2 +4?

    please answer this cos im a bit confused! ty

  • ThaSilentG says:

    any, best is lvl 1 when u start freshy training the pokemon, unless you catched one of like lvl 55 or so, then DIRECTLY put it on and start training :)

  • durango562 says:

    in what level do your pokemon have to be for the power band or any other to work?

  • taragomaragom says:

    special defence makes your pokemon take less damage from special attacks

  • Ese1Pac says:

    I love Clannad!!! One of my favorite anime ever >.<

  • Bleachdarkness173 says:

    @ThaSilentG yay :)

  • ThaSilentG says:


  • Bleachdarkness173 says:

    @ThaSilentG u mean special ataks

  • ThaSilentG says:

    lower hits from attacks like flametrower

  • Bleachdarkness173 says:

    Wat does special defense do????plz reply

  • LennySweepsU says:

    are there some itmes in pokemon emerald like powerband and stuff?

  • ThaSilentG says:

    First you see the Attack and SP attack. Attack = attacks like fire punch, headbutt, anything that comes with the body. ( and the defence can lower this dmg)  Sp attack is like thunderbolt and fire blast ( and sp def lowers that :) )

  • TheChocolajeable says:

    @ThaSilentG What is the different between Sp.Defence and Defence..? And what is the different between Sp.Attack and Attack?

  • ThaSilentG says:

    XDD haha

  • yousufgunit says:

    What does special attack and defence do like why do u need them up if you have normal attack an defence what does it make a difference in?? Answer please people

  • VVthNoob says:

    is there a limit for the ev training? i mean… you cant ev train on a high level pokemon or something? or in what lvl ev training wont work? or how much points in stats we can get ea lvl [max] and is it unlimited until lvl 100? Is there pokemons that cant Ev train?.
    (my comments never gets thumbs up) :c .,’:PLEASE READ:’,.

  • Razarexx says:

    If your a low level, why do your stats not go up like 50 points?

  • xXStarWolf says:

    whats the song?? this training is TITE

  • lordmilo98 says:

    no… ik bedoel ja :P

  • ThaSilentG says:

    Nederlands? :D

  • SomeMacTips says:


  • ps3gamer392 says:

    I breed pokemon any level up to 60 and give them pkrs. my name on platinum is dave and my fc is 1806 0257 4963. i give them away free

  • nayrbhai says:

    Dude I hav a question. Lets say I finish getting 252 in attack. How do I get the high stat points?

  • lordmilo98 says:

    thasilentG :P  Brabants? :D

  • prowii52 says:

    if i use the max iv codes, can i use them in wifi battles?

  • AussieNikky says:

    ev sp. def 252
    020195d0 fc16f7e8
    02001e00 73b4b4ff
    02001ffc bdf8bcff
    02001e7c 74f020fc

    That is maxing my speed out instead of special defense.I’ve triple checked.

  • TheMightyOzaru says:

    umm any 30 IV modifiers as opposed to 31 i kinda want to decide my hidden power =/

  • MrBrandonStudios says:

    well iv’s like if u have a 31 iv in attack, then it’ll add 31 extra points to it, so if u have a snivy which has 100 attach then it’ll be 131. 31 is the max Iv. But i think it applies when the pokemon reaches lv. 100. Also, IV determines the how powerful the move hidden power will be

  • ngforsgren says:

    My game is freezing…..

  • nayrbhai says:

    i though those were evs, do you mean that ivs help the stat gain in each level after you accumulate enough evs?

  • MrBrandonStudios says:

    they make ur pokemon’s stats better

  • nayrbhai says:

    i dont understand the importance of ivs

  • 3DSvideogames says:

    my game keeps freezing

  • evaldoluizm says:

    If your game crashes with EV or IV codes (when using no$gba), try “unchecking” the savegame fix… It worked on my game!

  • MichaelXD001 says:

    Can you show me how to do this on Colosseum and XD please? It’s for the gamecube in case you don’t know.

  • TheHunter2535 says:


  • megashapeshifter says:


  • DaGaulz says:

    it don’t work, need i put in my ar codes first and then marking or first marking and then codes?

  • epicsineverydaylife says:

    do these codes work for the english version? please write back asap

  • SaffronWaldenSkaters says:

    when i do it mu pokemon turns into a egg

  • PokeMaster22222 says:

    I mean the last appearance of “1F” in each code, not the first.

  • PokeMaster22222 says:

    @dbzmariogeno It worked for me. I was able to get 30 IVs with that. Must be your game or AR.

  • dbzmariogeno says:

    is that a mistake or just another way for it to work, because it wont work for me either

  • bppb says:

    Do It Matter What Action Replay U Need To Activate The Code?

  • BretHartFan1124 says:

    Lol, as if, a five year old would crush you, I am of average height and weight for my age, so keep trying, GG, Gastly

  • funnyflab says:

    did you find this video just so you could say that? if you did, you lead a very boring life with not much in it. get some excitement in your life, mate ;)

  • TheBerry15 says:

    would you crush me ’cause you weigh 250 lbs?
    GG snorlax.

  • BretHartFan1124 says:

    I’ve beaten in plenty of times without codes. The trainers are easy. Not just the NPCs, I’ve played online, these people suck. I don’t believe in cheating online, I cheat privately on my own time offline. And I happen to have played every pokemon game and beaten them without cheats. Plus you are pathetic you underweight puss, I’d crush you, and it doesn’t excuse you from trolling, if you don’t like cheaters then don’t comment or even watch the video. GG, Pansy :)

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