Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver USA MAX IV/EV Action Replay Codes

FOR SONG DOWNLOADS CLICK HERE www.mediafire.com ::ALL IV 31 :::It might make the wild pokemon IV as 31 1206EE52 000002D6 1206F11E 000046C0 1206F126 000046C0 1206F12C 000046C0 1206F13A 000046C0 1206F140 000046C0 1206F14E 000046C0 1206F154 000046C0 1206F162 000046C0 1206F168 000046C0 1206F176…

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  • how do you use ev codes in soul silver

25 Responses to “Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver USA MAX IV/EV Action Replay Codes”

  • MMSakr says:

    I love you

  • AlexanderTehGreat11 says:

    i raped the replay button

  • AlexanderTehGreat11 says:

    @MrGoldenhacker it may take a while

  • Chaosredyoshi1 says:

    Hey everyone, stop complaining about the EV codes. the IV one works perfectly by marking a pokemon in your box. try actually ev training your pokemon instead of cheating for max everything.

  • XSilentGraveX says:

    So how do i use the All EV 252 code?

  • Trimtrator says:

    just what i wanted ^^ gj dude

  • DaIrvMeister says:

    @DaIrvMeister Also, by Sp. Atk, I mean the second one on there labled Atk… which is also exactly how it was labeled on the other sites… they definitely all copy off each other. Lame-os. Lol.

  • DaIrvMeister says:

    Ugh.. everyone copies the same codes it seems, I’ve found the same screwed up Sp. Atk only code on like 20 different websites. I think they just mixed up the Sp Atk and Sp Def cheats. The correct one for Sp Atk is with the last two rows being
    BDF8B014 000000FC
    00000000 46C046C0
    And for Sp Def only change the second to last line with BDf8b014 0000FC00.

  • SCOTSviper says:

    doesn’t make any sense sorry to spam but the att+spe and spa+spe both worked yesterday then one code corrupted my soul silver only on the AR so i had to scrub all my codes and start again and so far these are the only ones im havin problems with looks like its time to do it the old fashioned way pokerus and held items and training and a calculator lmao thanx anyways

  • SCOTSviper says:

    jus tried 252 hp with ev,iv checker only codes being on and it freezes wen i go and confirm my marking any ideas same with att worried i might fry my game if i carry on all codes are 100% correct is it because im using europe version??

  • MrGoldenhacker says:

    These codes dont work for shit! I use max ev sp. atk for my damn charmander but i only got 2 points when i level up Help?

  • greenkitty360 says:

    Can someone trll me how you use a 999 hp code i have it but idk where 2 press l+r PLZZZZZZ HELPP MEEE

  • jl100493 says:

    Hey do you hav asingle max IV code for pokemon White like this one? Ive been looking for one but cant seem to find one.

  • MultiNightSlash says:

    @xoxAnus9000xox this works on pokemon battle revolution?

  • xiia0boizx says:

    ty for the code man

  • iluvsumething says:

    So, if i put the all max EV code, all pokemon I capture will have max (is it better if I capture them at lvl100 with wild modifier?) and the ones I already have, I mark them and deposit, then all stats to max? Plz reply to confirm or to correct A.S.A.P

  • CommElite says:

    does the custom IV code work for party pokemon? if so, how do you do it?

  • disembark says:

    can someone give me the max ivs codes link for pokemon diamond/pearl

  • walkthroughsandmusic says:

    Whenever i input one EV code and then turn off the game to input a second EV code on the same pokemon,it deletes the 252 EVs that i had invested into the pokemon with the first code,and replaces it with the 252 EVs that i just entered and tried to also invest into the same pokemon.

  • theflyingBUTTER says:

    Why does the atk+ sp. Def not work properly? It only gives yur pokemon def + sp.def evs -_______-

  • goodfood722398 says:

    i heard some dont work does the one that maxes all evs work though? if not does someone know a differeent code like the vitamin one? please help me i need for my crappy smeargle that has really good moves

  • Trriiggaa says:

    where is the sp.atk code? just sp.atk

  • Startagain3 says:


  • GrassSquid says:

    @lynold1 It’s not here, but I found that this one works:
    1206F04A 00004800
    0206F04C 023C0B91
    1206F050 00004700
    E23C0B90 00000018
    61384803 82B84801
    BDF8B014 0000FC00
    00FCFC06 46C046C0

  • fackletooth13 says:

    CAn the poke be at level 100 for this too work??

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