Pokemon EV Training, Improved!!

More Info Button says: Hit me might help ya! Well, i have improved my last video of Ev’s to D/P games enjoy!! Any question will be answered ;) If you want to make a question after you have made one: Make a new comment as I will be able to follow it and not start looking at the old ones! thx ^^ Does anyone watch the video nowaday? Frecuently Asked Questions: ° Where can I get those Power Items or the Macho Brace? – For the Power Items the only way to get them is in the Battle Tower with enough BPs – For the Macho Brace there are two ways: a) Pal Park it from your Older Games R/S/E b) In Pastoria City you can show this little boy the 3 forms of burmy and get it! ° Where can I get PKRS? It’s pretty simple, 2 ways without hacking for it: a) Trade for a poke that has pkrs, people out there have it already and you can make some deals to get it simple as that! b) Go catch it yourself, by battling wild pokes you get the luck to obtain it, the porcentage of a poke having pkrs in the wild is 1 in 8193 if i remember correctly, HAVE FUN!! =D ° At what level should I start ev training? – You can start since level 1 but in the video i recommend to start between 30-35 because at that level the poke can defend itself and you won’t have to be switching all the time ° How can I level up to 30-35 without wasting or spreading my evs in all the stats? (just optional since you can ev train at any level except lv100) – There are only 3 ways to do this: a) Leave at the day care couple and use

Video Rating: 4 / 5

How to get mod maps for yourself too! starwarsbattlefront.filefront.com OR www.strategyinformer.com please watch this video on how to install the modded map www.youtube.com This file has the paintball map on it along with a couple others. starwarsbattlefront.filefront.com This file has the second map shown on the video. starwarsbattlefront.filefront.com This file is the football field. It may not be the same as the one i played, but it is an updated version and the previous version cannot be downloaded. starwarsbattlefront.filefront.com It may take me a while to find the other ones. I am a bit busy with some other stuff, so in the meantime, look around yourself. i dont know when i’ll get back.

Video Rating: 4 / 5

48 Responses to “Pokemon EV Training, Improved!!”

  • uUPsIRoNsFroMgReeCe says:

    Please pm me if you are willing to give me the pokerus
    I’m dying to get this virus

  • Krewtaun says:

    One question….

    Is there a way to know when a pokemon has the full 255 EVs for a stat, and when it has reached the 510 total EVs WITHOUT having to count them as it levels up?

    Other than trying to give it a vitamin and it saying “It won’t have any effect.”

    That’s the only way I know of to find out if a stat or if the entire pokemon can no longer receive EVs.

  • Beninator3 says:

    I have a huge question, is it worth it to EV train in-game or is it just for competitive battling?

  • mrsaagar7 says:

    hey about the berries, does it matter what kind of berries you give them? cause i think i trained my feraligatr all wrong and wanna start all over

  • TyberZann2000000 says:

    lv 60 golem max attack LOL

  • M0N0747 says:

    it takes one shuckle to beat that

  • Donsim22 says:

    lol i have no chance against your team :) 

  • TorchPegasus2089 says:

    ^_^ are those death pokemon?

  • paco valdez says:

    I am the MASTER of FATE of POKEMON!! hahaha

  • paco valdez says:

    Mine is XD!!
    Lucario lvl 100
    Infernape lvl 100
    Pikachu lv 100
    Sharpedo lv 100
    Dragonite lv 100
    Gallade lv 100
    Beat us if u can Regalfrown & Donsim! LOLZ!!
    Gallade lv 100!!

  • jjjmanyo says:

    One Latios with Psychic, Ice Beam, Dragon Pulse, and any decent flying move could sweep that team.

  • AidanDobson says:

    Can someone help me since I have started to understand ev training in Pokemon B W but when I got pokerus, it didn’t seem to double my evs and when I was using a power anklet on one of my Pokemon while bAttling a venipede and swaddled it only gave me 4 Ev’s but shouldn’t it give me 5? Plus with pokerus shouldn’t it have doubled and given me 0 Ev’s? Can someone please as see me and help me with my problem

  • AceGamer64 says:

    well i can beat yours easily.
    ALL LV.1 Magikarp with Splash

  • DarkShiftry2234 says:

    114 people suck at pokemon

  • cludos123 says:

    i beat you with mi new team a full party of metapods with harden and one sawk for that sharizard

  • MarkoRudan says:

    meh counter Dragonite, Blastoise, Scisor with X-Scissor, defensively trained staravia with brave bird and aerial ace, Politoad with surf and ice beam, and flygon with earthquake and one dragon type move and im good to go

  • UtimateGuyver says:

    Not me.

  • clashcitycretin10 says:

    what if you give a pokemon the exp share, will that pokemon also recieve the exp shaare?

  • warriords17 says:


  • zebroid246 says:

    So you have to keep track of the +ev’s yourself but once you have them they are set in besides the berries? So even if you dont get the max per level up, you will eventually? All of this seems really confusing and annoying to get the ideal setup for if you havent done anything like this before. Normally i just play pokemon for the elite four and stop = /

  • SegasProductions says:

    I swear this song endorses cocaine… i can hear them say it D:<

  • RegalFrown says:

    Hahaha. Easy win. Here’s mine:
    Magikarp lv 7
    Charmander lv 11
    Pidgey lv 6
    Rattata lv 2
    Starly lv 4
    Bidoof lv 3……… BEAT THAT!!

  • Jman23467 says:

    dont think i know

  • rubix187 says:

    Fuck yes! I EV train all day now
    -Don Rubix

  • xxcryofwarxx says:

    this is a mod..without it graphic is way better

  • autorack1 says:

    amen to that kids also don’t know the meaning of a great game… all they know is call of duty and battlefield

  • azeleasan says:

    this the worst movie ever… I mean it

  • CombatRobot11 says:

    How old is the game? because the Star Wars Battlefront 2 game I have has better graphics than this.

  • 10cent555 says:

    I was paid $25 to put it on.

  • cdubmeyer says:

    but honestly dude, why the gay music, sure everyone likes what they like but uh…lol, this doesn’t even make anything similar to a star wars fighting feel………..what planet are you from and are you lonely

  • cdubmeyer says:

    u don’t have to buy it, just get it from piratebay

  • cdubmeyer says:

    haha you got owned by 10cent555 child LOL

  • lom2111 says:

    Gay song but cool mode I need to get that

  • CiaraSims2 says:


  • mustang791998 says:

    who paid u to use this song?

    go slap him


  • Jistafford says:

    So if i were to download this do i get all maps classes and game types in one download or is it all separate.

  • 10cent555 says:

    It’s an old game and is a youtube video. Don’t expect it to have graphics like Battlefield 3. Go away child.

  • Remuxes97 says:

    really bad graphics

  • 10cent555 says:

    Why bad graphics? Because your eyes aren’t fully developed, and haven’t been around games when this was new and everyone was playing it.

  • MrRamgin says:

    why so bad graphic?

  • dvdylan says:

    It was a good song and a good video

  • hodz530 says:

    (beginning)  not (begging) lol

  • hodz530 says:

    deadly not dealy lol

  • hodz530 says:

    thats some dealy paint ball (begging)

  • thedylan725 says:

    @omegasephiroth NOBODY CARES !!!!!!!!!!

  • omegasephiroth6789 says:

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  • MultiBrickmaster101 says:

    the lightsbaers come in the mod with some of the characters (works with me)

  • MultiBrickmaster101 says:

    very good mods i have them in the game and they are very very good

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