Permaband – HTFU

See Lyrics below. Vocals & Lyrics Sveinn Jóhannesson Kjarval 2nd Vocals: Hinrik Haraldsson Bass: Ari Eldon Jónsson Guitar: Frank Arthur Blöndahl Cassata Drums/concept/producer/video: Arnar Valdimarsson Recording,mastering and synths: Jón H. Haraldsson DJ: Gústaf H. Gústafsson Lyrics: Intro First off – let me make a short introduction I’m the space 5.0, keeping EVE from destruction Guard is the name, Lead master of the game Top dog in the gamemaster hall of fame Im chillin at my desk with two girls and one pimp cup Sippin champagne, reading mails checkin what’s up Isk spamming scum bags disturbing the peace? WOOP WOOP its the sound of space police! Every day is a fight, there’s no room for bloopers Bugs coming at us like in Starship troopers We help when we can, every child, every man Treat the boogie man to a permanent ban! CHORUS x2 We’re CCP! We march on fearlessly! Excellent is what we strive to be! If you’re going to follow us to the top HARDEN THE FUCK UP! You best watch out bitch if you’re an exploiting scammer Guard will gank you in the face with his big ban hammer Remove all your Isk , throw your ass in the slammer Make you share a cell with a manic ISK spammer Like a never ending spam thread on racist biking This song has something for everyone’s liking Holy shit I see local spiking …ladies and gents, its techno Viking! Chorus x2 Ever flowing – never standing still We roll with the punches, move in for the kill The competition ends up six feet in the ground

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