Outer Galaxies Gameplay – First Look HD

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Outer Galaxies Gameplay – First Look HD”

  • Redjoker96 says:

    i swear this game is so fucking dead. i went logged in after a few months of not playing and there wasn’t a singe damn person on this thing.

  • FlexLikeThat1 says:

    @XOTITANOX Your not the only one bro I spent about 3k over 5 years to keep into the top 100 ranks. Back then it wasnt a waste coz the game was so fun but now that a Hacker owns my account it is a total waste.

  • OMGitsOhhEmmGee says:

    you can say that again..

  • minecraftaddicttomax says:

    did anyone else stop and read the factions descriptions the andromida federation has a just reason to be fighting.

  • SAF616 says:

    2d space games sucks cuz they dont requirer skills try pirate galaxy or battlestar galactica online they are 3d browser games and are cool

  • FlexLikeThat1 says:

    Dark Orbit was an amazing game but they are greedy all the owners are after is money money money and when your account gets hacked like mine which I spent hundreds on they dont do anything. Look at my DO vids on my channel.

  • defcheetah says:

    This game is as sad as EVE. EVE a spaceship game that you basically move your ship with a mouse. EVE is so sad it takes no skill to play. It’s a joke when a space simulation isn’t built on a twitch based system EVE you just upgrade your equipment and mash buttons. Vendetta Online is a flight stick space simulation game. EVE is a fail business simulator. You barely pilot your ship in EVE.

  • Redjoker96 says:

    I logged on yesterday and there wasn’t a damn person playing anymore. Seriously this game was awesome when it started but it turned into complete shit. People just dropped out of this game like flies. SERIOUSLY IT WAS A GHOST TOWN IN THERE! Kinda mad me sad

  • PopyseedStudios says:


  • TheKoijotito says:

    No no, none of them. That was very similiar to this, the same top-down view, but HUD items were slightly different; I think the player could both fly around, and also jump between quadrants or something like that. Who knows, could even be some old version of this… not sure about the history of Outer Galaxies

  • PopyseedStudios says:

    Was it an MMO? If it is it might be EvE online, but if it’s not it might be Sins of A Solar Empire.

  • TheKoijotito says:

    There was another game like this, older and you had to buy it. Ihad a demo, but that was long time ago, and I can’t remember the name. If anyone knows what am I talking about, let me now.

    It’s not Starport: Galactic Empires, its not Dark Orbit.. it was not browser based.

  • slayer1561 says:

    EVE Online PWNS both games.

  • MelKaven says:

    Starport Galactic Empires PWNS this game.

  • henrickalmarines says:

    avatars look like pictures taken off old eve online avatars.

  • RedJoker95 says:


  • automouse2dotcom says:

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  • Monsterhunterfreak01 says:

    wie kauf ich da ein schiff

  • ArceusExodiaCPDude99 says:

    Login problems might be the result of an issue with your browser or media plug-in. I’d suggest updating the media plug-in to the latest version, and if that doesn’t work or you already have the latest version, try switching browsers or updating your current one. I’ve had to do that for multiple games.

    As for fitting your screen, what’s your resolution setting? Most games are made to automatically conform to your current resolution, but some are preset or require manual adjustment.

  • Jm201027 says:

    its just odd cause i saw nothing with EVE in the game but if u look at Dark Orbit its like they took pics and plastered them on to the background.

    Both games seem to have problems with login and fitting my screen for some reason O_O

  • ArceusExodiaCPDude99 says:

    Ask Omer. He says that in the full review on MMOHut.

  • Jm201027 says:

    where the heck did u get EVE out of this?

  • Tkieron says:

    This is nothing like EVE. It’s like a sleeker and more complex version of Dark Orbit or Warpfire. The instructions are not very helpful in the beginning.

  • SuperJabba1234 says:

    Its like a mix of Eve, Flash Trek, and Dark Orbit.

  • TheSaffell says:

    If you spend money on this game, beware! Right after I baught sol my account was bugged and frozen. It’s been several days and no reply from support at all. They have the worst support staff of all the games I have ever played. I hope you other gamers don’t get robbed like I was. I lost months of tedious work and real money. I should have gone back to DO, at least their support staff will respond.

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