On New Years Eve All Grace

On New Years Eve All Grace Such grace we reveal from deep within when from the book of life we write our pages in celebration of our oneness ways such cause for gratitude true when we do share our peaceful lights with loving knowing of our sacred blessings growing when we count the myriad ways our gem like natures so subtly plays upon this stage its unworldly ways as acting with all loving thought and sages mind we create a script so divinely kind with joy and healing inspirations fine where all are written of with an equal love and gently bound in service to their highest mind as with an enthusiasm illimitably flowing we live for friendships loving sowing and with all sense of life renewed we bring our books for their life review that we may shine our loving lights forever finer through space and time so illuminating for all to see there is no darkness when with our sunshine smiles we radiate our loving healing light as in this eternal moment bright we bring our oneness hearts delight with souls gently reflecting peace of mind upon this passing year which we can bless and then surrender with all loving resolve through divine reflection and from this knowing space serenely go with joyful grace sublimely flowing we pour heavenly blissful joys as we sally forth along lifes ways as one strengthened by all grace sublime with reverent manner so mirrored fine reflecting with a love divine all one with angels we dance and sing while eternity entices with her silken rings

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2 Responses to “On New Years Eve All Grace”

  • AlasdairUrquhart1 says:

    May, 2012 bring great Peace and Light for You and Yours..Blessed Be:)

  • marriverrock says:

    Such a beautiful message!. Thank you. May you have a Blessed 2010 New Year to you.. I love you, my sweet and precious Angel, Alasdair.

    Amor y Paz,

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