Nouvelle Rouvenor Hero

21_Nouvelle Rouvenor Hero Re-uploaded for high quality.

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Paulwe1 says:

    Also, I hope they add more Captain’s Quarters-style stuff. It would be awesome to close a business deal in person.

  • Paulwe1 says:

    This song is kind of analogous to “I Am The Doctor” from Doctor Who – it’s action music. Listening to this music, I think, “This is it. This is the turning point, the fulcrum. Something BIG is about to happen”.

  • grogsrevenge says:

    Key word being “hero” here I think… This is the type of song I put on after accomplishing something out in space (be it PVP, PVE or, hell, even a serious mining op) and returning home. I look at my ship, first in warp, then as it approaches the massive station in front of me and finally in the station. Admire its beauty and feel… connected to it.
    My accomplishment may not amount to much in the grand scheme of things, yet with this song playing I still think “I did it! This matters!”.

  • skyrimisbeast says:

    Like a true eve-er!

  • Spacebuz says:

    This is one of my favorite soundtracks on EVE-Online.

    And EVE is the best MMO I’ve ever played.

  • FreedomFighterEx says:

    well said, respect.
    in other MMO when my character KO i did not even felt sad or sorry but in Eve
    sometime i went in rage, mad, sad in same time. maybe because in Eve when you lost your ship, you actually lost it, it gone, while other MMO you just respawn.

  • AdmiralCirno says:

    Let me present to you a moment;
    Fresh off the skill, I hopped into my new Scythe, intending to get it set up as a mining ship; I sat there for a moment from the sudden awe that came with size increase from a Rifter to the Scythe, surprised. After a few moments, I got to work. searching the markets and tracking down my gear while getting my skills in order; after a few moments, I undocked in a shuttle.

    As soon as I came out of station, this song started playing.

    This is the best MMO ever made.

  • bluenova123 says:

    Real men hull tank

  • MrWalls69 says:

    Eve is not an MMO.. It’s a Universe that we just happen to access online..

  • CorvetteBG says:

    Sometimes, i just undock, press CTRL-F9, warp somewhere, and just enjoy the view ^^, i also take screenshots to save these amazing space views.

  • Ironfist85hu1 says:

    The only MMO i could (and do) pay for monthly :D

  • Mjarf88 says:

    That hull alarm definitely gets my pulse up… It’s almost like the poor ship is screaming 0.o

  • Venkman says:

    A track that typifies the game. Few tracks that encapsulate EVE as much as this one.

  • Venkman says:

    It is the only game that has both engaged me in a virtual world, and had my pulse skyrocket in milliseconds as I suddenly hear the chimes of my ship being targeted. And, thanks to CCPs ongoing efforts, it all keeps getting more impressive and more immersive…

  • PuNkFaCeD says:

    Epic !

  • MrJohnny56789 says:

    and you are a gentleman and a scholar.

  • Paintchk218 says:

    Well said sir, well said. *Nods in approval*

  • WraithGem says:

    Thank god it returned!

  • WraithGem says:

    MY friend i know how you feel and your word’s are very well said, Fly safe brother.

  • Zxcinnz says:

    You sir, are a winner.

  • XkriskrossX says:

    Wow, ur the asshole who peaks right after leaving highschool and works at a smelly gas station for the rest of his life. Beergut, pitstains, can i check your oil please. Nerds run this world man.

  • Venirto says:

    I’ve heard this music for the first time over two years ago. Untill then, I don’t regret any minute spent in EVE Online, thank you CCP.

  • MrStaghare says:

    Never fear. CCP said they will bring it back.

  • Zarkyun says:

    R.I.P. ship spinning

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