Noob Learning- Ranges (Optimal-Falloff)

Learning the ranges and how optimal and falloff works

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29 Responses to “Noob Learning- Ranges (Optimal-Falloff)”

  • Eves Bucklin says:

    I’m glad I could help. It was bugging me so much I had to figure it out lol

  • TheFixXxerNL says:

    Finally… after 1 year I understand how it works. Thanks a lot!

  • Eves Bucklin says:

    okay, yeah if there is anything i missed or am wrong about let me know

  • Dirk laren says:

    I think you’re slightly off.
    Upto your optimal range you won’t get a accuracy penalty for your range.
    At your optimal+falloff you’ll get a 50% penalty, so you’ll land only 50% of your shots (not taking tracking into account).
    At optimal+2*falloff you get a 100% range penalty (I might be a little off here, but at least it’s close to 100%), which means you won’t hit at all.

    Most of the times you’ll want to stay within or close to your optimal with blastes if your tracking allows it.

  • TheGobberShop says:

    your horrid at killing zombies in melee. try aiming higher or going into first person.

  • mrsilentkilia says:

    I havent seen a single lie yet if your refering to The first zombie mmo. Then your wrong it is the first zombie mmo Day z isint marketed as an mmo and i dont think alot of people give a shit they re two different games its only you day z fan boys giveing hate so dont buy it if you dont want it thats your personal opinion.

  • Matthew Lin says:

    Where do you find money?

  • RecklezOMG says:

    Guys calm the fuck down. Why do you even care if the companies steal other people’s ideas. If they just make a good and enjoyable game with recent updates and recent content what the fuck do you care then?

  • Area51T says:

    The only way I can see it being a scam is if they just shut their servers off and keep the profits.

    Hopefully someone else will provide us with actual facts and not just blatant fanboyism.

    From what I’ve seen, WarZ is an almost exact replica of DayZ, but it’s gameplay runs alot smoother. Don’t even try to tell me otherwise, I’ve played OFP, Arma, and Arma 2 for years and I don’t deny that the movement and inventory system can at times be clunky and confusing, especially in that (imho meh) mod.

  • Joronimo says:

    give me some example why you think its scam ? because im playing it and its fucking real

  • SnuKdPuzyCruK says:

    it is a scam, and i have never even played dayz dumbass

  • Joronimo says:

    Day Z fan boy …. i love how every one says WAR Z is scam and they lie and bla bla bla , i just played 4h in War Z you know what it was fun.
    And if some one makes an zombie game then what no one can ever make a zombie game after them ???? Every new game is based on good ideas of the games before it and thats how it works and as a gamer im only happy to see that.

  • GamesReloaded says:

    Honestly i dont care who stole what idea, im just happy finally there are games like this.

  • Zach Cormier says:

    Steal ideas from who? DayZ, well WarZ was under development prior to the release od the DayZ addon for Arma 2 and how do they not care about their players and how did they lie about their game? It’s in fucking beta not full release not everything they promised is implemented yet so why don’t you calm down and stop complaining about a game that isn’t even fully release.

  • PostalVendingMachine says:

    Although much better coded than that of WarZ’s Zombies :) . Besides, getting zombies in ArmA 2 is challenging, as you need to script the melee system (as there is no melee system in ArmA 2 by default). Zombie AI in DayZ is more complex than that in WarZ, and most likely will remain more complex. Hammerpoint has little-no experience in creating AI, when you compare that to Bohemia Interactive’s 10+ years of coding AIs for Mil-sim games, and military simulators; there is an obvious gap in talent.

  • TheHDgamerpro says:

    aim for the head with hammer and they die on 3 hits!!!!

  • TheEriczeppe says:

    Who cares who got the idea first. DayZ is just a mod and WarZ its how its done properly. Buuuhuuuu

  • sg1slate says:

    God damn you make this game look boring

  • lyndongaming says:

    lol this also a mod of the WarInc game, just made it “Standalone”

  • InuendoMyNintendo says:

    To all that are reading this, I’m not defending or attacking anyone it’s just my opinion.

    On the idea of making stuff a “better product” it’s pretty much EXACTLY what WarZ did to be honest. Graphically maybe not? Again that’s down to play preference. But it’s a lot less buggy (i.e. Doors will not Deal 11,000 Blood damage break your bones K.O. you and put you in shock) like in DayZ.
    I’m not going to buy War-Z, I’m waiting for Rocket’s standalone.

    To anyone who has bought it, all the power to ya

  • TenacityGaming1 says:

    Are you kidding me ? WarZ is the most active company i have EVER seen on facebook about patches and news. They patch their game almost every day and they really listen to their players. Everyone who cried about a refund for the game even got it. People like you that whine about a great game without even playing it annoys me. It’s pathetic.

  • aztaclalz says:

    Stealing ideas is one thing – People think that Blizzard and WoW is amazing to figuring out so many things for WoW eventhough it is obvious and Blizzard have stated several times they take ideas from other games they love and make WoW and even better product. Regarding this War Z mod though – I feel that it’s too much of a theft, if you know what I mean. It is … Day Z, just… War Z – Dunno how to explain it. Borrowing elements from a game is fine – This is just a down-right theft.

  • WillBloomy says:

    And Day Z is Arma II with some poorly coded zombies thrown in. lol….

  • PostalVendingMachine says:

    That is not always the case. WarZ is pretty much War INC with zombies, very little time has actually been spent coding the zombies, and the map looks like it was coughed up by a novice level designer in a week.

    Although DayZ isn’t a huge mod, and almost everything from the mod is in the vanilla game. It is very well optimized for what it does, and simulates much more than WarZ does. Bottom-line DayZ took more time than WarZ did, as WarZ is War INC with some poorly coded zombies thrown in.

  • pikkons says:

    Dean “Rocket” Hall is a tool, and he got his idea’s from alot of other mods and games and made an ok mod out of it so wtf are you crying about.

  • SomeNoobWithCE says:

    People can say that this game is amazing, it’s super! So fun! Yeah, great, wonderful, fact still stands. This company copied almost the entire game of DayZ, right down to the ear and eye on the right side of the screen that shows your sight and sound levels. I’m not a DayZ fanboy, I just hate companies that rip ideas off of other companies and then try to claim that they thought this shit up first. WoW did copy a lot of other MMO’s, but they never claimed that they thought of it first.

  • SomeNoobWithCE says:

    Let’s see, why do I care so much? Dean “Rocket” Hall creates a mod for Arma 2 called DayZ. The game gets out and goes viral, Bohemia sales for Arma double I think, 300%? Not sure. A few months down the road some no name company who has published several games that have dived bad sees DayZ doing good. In a hope and a prayer they REFORMAT a fail game they already had in the works to mirror 90% of DayZ. They lie and say they had a zombie game first, and that this garbage was in production for 2 yrs

  • pikkons says:

    I find WarZ to be better then the DayZ mod, but I think that the Standalone will be pretty good when it comes out.

  • InuendoMyNintendo says:

    Not that I disagree. But yes they stole an Idea, but why not? Stealing ideas off other people and monetizing it is simply business as usual. Are people buying into it? Yes. Are they making money of it? Yes.
    It’s like Coca-Cola & Pepsi.
    Call Of Duty & Battlefield.
    World of Warcraft & EverQuest.
    The list goes on, making money off of other peoples work & Ideas is a standard business model, it’s been done successfully, and will continue, irrespective of morals or ethics.
    But you’re right. Fuck them

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