Ninja Salvaging – Quick Scanning Guide

Probing down mission runners in Frarn. Quick guide to scanning. Technically you don’t need the 5th probe in the center, but it helps me when I am moving them onto a target.

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  • Kosetzul says:

    You know you can hold down ALT to move all the probes closer/further away from the center?

  • usmcslater says:

    All rise for the Youtube Anthem…

  • drgutai1 says:


  • CTEstudios1 says:

    this song makes me want to kill myself, ive heard it thousands of times.

  • Potatomasherdk says:

    ninja salvaging is wack

  • GKFC says:

    Any PvE pilot should be using their d-scan regularly to look for probes.

    As soon as they see Combat probes coming up on scan either get out or call for backup. Nothing worse than getting ganked in a PvE fit ship…

  • Antiks72 says:

    I just made my second run, and got 4 million in loot. The battle ship was long gone, and I cleaned up about 2/3rds of it before he showed up in his salvage ship. Highly recommended A+++++.

  • Trisinz says:

    Tip: if you get a duplicate reading you can try and overlap them both. If you get a red sphere after that, simply move the probes left/right or down/up a bit (depending on where the signatures were).

  • Jeff55369 says:

    if you tried “all” the buttons, then you hit the one that says “abandon probes.” gg

  • OhLookItsSarge says:

    ahhhh no shit… no wonder i hear this song in…. literally a shit ton of videos… youtube provides it for people :P . I just thought that a lot of people really liked this song. lol.

  • S4Niquify says:

    You don’t lose them, they go into your cargohold

  • marshallzzz says:

    this game looks fun(at least as my friend describe it) but i’ve seen 3d program with a more user friendly interface.

  • asfadasfa1234 says:

    why do i lose my damn probes when i do this? is this supposed to happen so people who make probes get rich. i use extended probe launcher loaded with combat scanner probes and for some reason, when i press the return probe button it doesnt return i still lose the probe. i tried all the buttons and just kept losing probes. could someone tell me what to do or if this is supposed to happen?

    thanks in advance.

  • 96LEXA says:

    крутой музон в смысле very very nice music

  • WebangShintoo says:

    @scotlandloose as denje123 mentioned, they can be found on the market. I use sisters combat scanner probes.

  • denje123 says:

    @scotlandloose You can buy them on the market. Search for Combat probes, and look what skills you need. And to lauch the probes you need a extended probe launcher.

  • denje123 says:

    Perfect guide! First i tried it by myself but it didnt work, but know im making loads of money every day! Thank you very much!

  • bignose140 says:

    This is why I dont mission in Frarn anymore :) 

  • Alex060166 says:

    The one in the center actually increases your accuracy, espsecially if you keep it in half range than the others when you are scanning a dot. I don’t now if that’s a new thing though… Nice vid btw, thank you.

  • Aelexe says:

    Thanks a hell load man. Your placement strategy has allowed me to find people in under 5 minutes.

    A god send indeed *mad props*.

  • Fyrex says:

    Great help, thank you much.

  • Elazul2k says:

    Great video! This has helped me learn to use the shift key(didn’t know how to do that) and has greatly increased my earnings due to less time with me messing with the scanner(more time salvaging). Thanks!

  • rasz says:

    great muzak, good tut

  • B0redZz says:


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