Nidhoggur Tank

Nidhoggur tanking

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  • TheDriver454 says:

    eve online

  • yccw8tncymj says:

    who´s the game?

  • KrakDag says:

    Damage controll adds 500k+ ehp to ur carrier. Fit one. Any fit without one is pretty much fail.

  • rada660 says:

    hell yea and im going to niddy exactly har har, plus great song choice high five :D o/

  • ilikewarhammer says:

    It doesnt matter what carrier you fly, a carrier is a carrier, I see Chimeras and Wyverns in my Coalition all the time. All carriers and super carriers are good, they just play different roles IMO.

  • Ultimabong says:

    Dread DPS blows without siege mode, and during siege mode you cannot be remote-repaired. So cap to cap pvp means your likely going to die in a dread.

  • Disturbed246810 says:

    R@GalGamJD I’ll check. I might be around 180 days because I have up to Minmatar BS 3.and my learning skills are being fixed atm. level 5 will take me about 49 days : / i’d be done with my sophmore year of High school and I’d be in the middle of junion year before I step into a Nid.

  • Disturbed246810 says:

    I’ve always wanted to fly a NidHoggur but the skills are big as he’ll. Shit I even have the heavy ISK to spend on at least one with fittings and drones, and skillbooks.

  • vortex675 says:

    @caveman well carriers where desinged to be logistic capitals their damage is low but it can still tear thro battleships pretty fast

    if your flying a dread and you got no carrier in your fleet and you get primared your dread is gonna die very quickly.

  • caveman999666 says:

    Dreads are so much more fun than carreirs, carriers kinda do fail damage

  • RoTech100 says:

    Oooo Can you give me your Recommended fitting for the Nidhoggur? I’m close to getting one :D

  • outlaw0987654321 says:

    damn now you making me feel like i should have trained up for amarrx( oh well maybe i’ll train up for the archon next year when i can get all my point to perception (wasted my remaps and now i’m stuck with balanced attributes >_<)

  • ZITremedy664 says:

    well, archon is king for carriers, niddoghur isnt bad for fleet-logistics i guess with its combination of armor/shield bonus’s but, for anything else, it gets outshined by thanatos/archon/chimera (chimera is a chronic waste of space just, for the record, shield tanking capitals is a way backwards, 6/8 capitals use armor tanks – enough said chimera sucks lol)

  • outlaw0987654321 says:

    OMG FINALLY i found someone who flys this ship! how good is it? i plan to fly carriers and this on is the fastest to train for me. is it any good? what are the drawbacks and advantages?

  • kurisu925 says:

    Did I forget to metion this fit keeps all of your mid slots open and is cap stable? Might wanna use those mid slots for some eccms so you will also be very hard to jam. You know since you have to be able to target the other carrier to keep the tanks going. But god is it fun when the enemy has to have at least 25,000 dps to even scratch the paint on any ship in your fleet.

  • kurisu925 says:

    If you want a tank on a carrier get an archon… 2 archons using 2 capitol energy transfer arrays each can perma tank using 2 capitol remote armor reps and 2 capitol armor reps on each ship to reach a 30,000 dps tank on both ships at the same time. or they can give any ship in thier fleet with 70-80% resists about a 25,000 dps tank while still keeping a 17,00 dps tank for themselves.

  • tekkatv says:

    yum yum

  • Sargethepyromaniac says:

    Ha, Scorpion fit for max damage…..

    See how you fare against 5 neutron gankthrons

  • nephozo says:

    jealous guy says what?

  • Quinntarious says:

    That makes my Drake look like shit!

  • silveward says:

    lol pretend your joking.

  • ThunderWindz says:

    shg your perma banned from yotube and eve online for macro mining

  • paladinstorm says:

    Well, perhaps it’s funny to you, but it just looks lame otherwise.

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