New Release Tuesday – Deus Ex, Street Fighter – Subscribe! – Follow Us! – Like Us! Hi everyone I’m Andrea Rene and you’re watching Clevver Games. Today is Tuesday August 23rd, 2011 and finally we’ve got a blockbuster triple A title on our hands. I’ll talk about that and what else is on the docket this week for new releases. . So first up is the stealth action RPG Deus Ex Human Revolution from Eidos Montreal and Square Enix. This game is the third installment in the series and is a prequel to the original game. You’ll play as Adam Jensen, security officer with Sarif industries. After an attack on his company that leaves him on the brink of death he is outfitting with augmentations making him half man-half machine. There are extensive skill trees with different augmentations with a variety of combat options focusing on stealth. Our review is up and it is a goodie so definitely check out our vids for this game. You can get it on 360, PS3, or PC. . Next up is Street Fighter III Third Strike Online Edition. Announced at last year’s Comic-Con, the online edition of Third Strike has enhanced visual setting and GGPO built online play. There will be unlockable bonus content and achievements, as well as new modes which you can learn about in our DLC of the Day video. It is on Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network today. . Also out today is the Rezurrection DLC pack for Call of Duty Black Ops. The Zombies only pack features four maps from World at War along with a new map called Moon

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