Nemesis 01

in game mission – final blow to a Mining Station done with Nemesis stealth bomber. Video captured with “Mirillis – Action” trial version in area mode. Custom resolution. Edited with Power Director 11 trial version. Main purpose : to test some video tools.

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Edit: This project is currently on hold due to Minecraft 1.3.1′s release. Once the mods for this map are finished updating, I’ll continue the project and let you all know when it’s done. Until then, be patient The teaser trailer for my latest (and probably the one I’m most looking forward to finishing) Minecraft adventure map, Space Hulk, featuring the map’s primary build and the majority of the ships featured in the map. The story behind the map – You are a Space Marine Terminator of the Salamanders Space Marine Chapter. You and the four other Space Marines of your squad (three fellow terminators and an Assault Marine Veteran) have been on patrol aboard your Nova-Class Frigate and your support fleet when the Light Cruiser Aquila sent out a distress signal stating that a powerful warp rift was detected in its patrolling region in the Valius Sector of Segmentum Obscurus. Naturally you immediately set out to investigate, and your suspicions are confirmed when one of your support vessels identifies a nearby flux in gravity near the Aquila’s position. As Space Marines, specifically as Salamanders, it is your holy duty to investigate the disturbance and, if neccessary, purge it from the galaxy. This story will feature some epic Warhammer themes including a custom texture pack, to-scale starship replicas of the Battlefleet Gothic models, and several mods that will be themed towards the map’s style of gameplay, including the SDK Gun Mod among several others. Be advised that the

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  • Illidan748 says:

    I want this map… As a suggestion, I think you should maybe add in a couple more ships in there in a vertical/diagonal sense. Make it thicker, perhaps random space junk floating around the hulk. I recently read the Space Wolves Omnibus, and it spoke of the Wolves climbing down a ladder for hours until they finally reached the bottom, which would suggest very thick and/or vertical ships as well. Maybe even meld eldar and imperial ships slightly.

    Can’t wait to see this. :)

  • Martintheauthor says:

    Understandable, it just made me think of Clear Skies a little bit.

  • KerianH says:

    I wanted to try something that represented the vastness of space without using stuff I’ve already used before.

  • Martintheauthor says:

    what made you pick Eve music?

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