Myrmidon Vs. Sleipnir Command Ship Eve Online Pvp 720p

Followed a -8.0 pirate to a station. He undocks in Noctis, I engage, he docks, and then undocks in Republic Fleet Typhoon. We stare at each other for about 5 minutes, he docks, and then undocks in a Sleipnir \o/. This video shows the entire encounter :)

5 Responses to “Myrmidon Vs. Sleipnir Command Ship Eve Online Pvp 720p”

  • DjPacific2011 says:

    @dhoehener I didn’t say I was proud of a fluke ;D

    I know the sleip is a great ship, but I saw this guys fit on Battleclinic with one of his losses and knew I could handle it. Fair enough?

  • dhoehener says:

    next time use the right ammo .. em is really the worst choice.. also with drones.. kinetic or even explosive do lot more dps on a sleip.. if you would do so.. and dont expect every sleip is only making 300-400dps, most of them do 700+ and Neut, so dont feel proud of this. :-)

  • secoxxx says:

    he should have had a arty fit, and got distance on you, fail sleip.

  • DjPacific2011 says:

    @HowlingBloodWolf thanks man! It’s not everyday you get a compliment for an unorthodox fit in this game! :)

  • HowlingBloodWolf says:

    i got to say i love your fit if i could fly a mymidon i would use the same fit

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