My take on EVE Online: Dominion

Logging in for the first time since the ‘Dominion’ patch was deployed.

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  • themidnightdaylight says:

    First 40 sec = some guys talking about a bad audio recorder… t(-_-t)

  • Jeff55369 says:

    @Cyric1983 ahh, i’ll try that when I go out in space next time.

  • rocky5051 says:

    EVE doesn’t have the options, and (at least in my experience) forcing them makes EVE run like absolute crap.

    Considering the nature of maps in EVE as it is anyway there isn’t much benefit to be had from AA and the like, IMO.

  • Cyric1983 says:

    it’s still there, they just changed the Hot Keys for it…i think it’s CTRL+F9 now…

  • Jeff55369 says:

    i hate that they took away the “hide ui” ability, they need to bring that back.

  • bent540 says:

    good sound! what headset was it u bought?

  • 3dkiller says:

    you should turn Antiailasing on and some AF.

  • jonnopon says:

    woot! Cistuavert 4 centre for advanced studies school was my home station!

  • killa4hire55 says:

    ooooo a thunder storm…. oooooooo
    lol cracked me up XD

  • Hayes1194777 says:

    In the beginning how did you open that UI menu? Cool bid btw. :)

  • vjdsjgc says:

    Nvm, it turns out all I had to do was repair. Lol

  • Cyric1983 says:

    I’m sorry if I confused you, but I don’t work for CCP.

  • vjdsjgc says:

    I need help, i cant even see my ship inside the game

  • Cyric1983 says:

    i honestly don’t get it either…if you don’t want to get blown up, stay out of low-sec…or in the case of hi-sec ganking, stay out of the major hubs *cough* Jita *cough* and surrounding *cough* systems *cough*. I am a ‘carebear’ by most standards, but even I love the adrenaline rush that comes when you’re doing a mission and someone flies in to steal a wreck, and then open fire on them. =)

  • aothachos1113 says:

    wow a lot of people complain about pvp and cry looks like they lost a lot of battles =P, i just started and ive lost battles its part of the game and i dont complain

  • bizzzybee says:

    I agree 100% that’s why I quit this game after months of game play. when I complained about the unbalanced, unfair gameplay in eve’s forum I was Banned! See my threads under Tuscun Nebular

  • Gibranmacias911 says:


  • Cyric1983 says:

    When Dust 514 comes out next year for the 360 & PS3, you will…

  • Gibranmacias911 says:

    can you get into the planets

  • Cyric1983 says:

    I wasn’t being sarcastic, and I wasn’t being patronising . I just don’t like negative people, and every single thing you’ve said so far has been regardless of how I tried to help you deal with it. I have absolutely no issue with the size of the font, and since you seem bent on unloading all of your negativity on me, I’m going to have to block you. I wish you the best of luck in life.

  • Kordesh says:

    And classic to the Eve community, any criticism is instantly jumped upon as “carebearing” or some other canned insult with no relevance. Theres a difference between PvP and what most people call PvP in Eve. Baiting noobs by exploiting flag mechanics just to be obnoxious is not “PvP’ or even piracy, it’s just being a dick, which apparently being a past time in Eve, seems to get defended quite often.

  • RazgrisFloob says:

    A: infinity will never be released
    B: Pvp is integral in eve, stop carebearing.

  • BelgianEvo says:

    Set your graphics settings all to max, the difference is big

  • Cyric1983 says:

    it’s supposed to come out in 2010…for the 360 and PS3…that’s after i did a little more research into it…

  • BailFoatStudios says:

    DOOD Dust 514 for the xbox today, Do you play eve, No Dust 514 has not been release. Shame on you for breaking my heart :(

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