My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: [HD] (RUS) 6 серия 2 сезон от CrySHL

This video contains content from Hasbro Studios LLC ! Мои Маленькие Пони, Магия – это дружба: Меткосыпь 6 серия 2 сезон от Крайшл Роли озвучивали: Женька Пипец ( ) Мама Женьки Пипец Omnio ( Зюнька ( MysteriousKitty ( Анна Митина ( ) А.Д. ( Кристинка Wesmir ( Монтаж: Дядя Саша( ) Группы в контакте:

Video Rating: 4 / 5

READ THIS FIRST!!!!!! You may not understand this rough edit, so if you feel the need to say something stupid that has already been said by another, click this link to a better video for you. or go directly to “Shark Attack Edit for Stupid People.” Tarpon fishing under Long Key bridge near Duck Key, Fl. After a 20 minute fight with a tarpon, a 14 foot long hammer head shark attacks and eventually eats the tarpon. We tried our best to protect the tarpon by running it down and creating as much noise and bubbles to confuse the shark and hide the tarpon. After a quick release, the shark returns and I aggressively circle the tarpon as the shark slices at it boat side. After about 5 hits, the shark wins and swims off with the tarpon in its mouth. Moments later, half of the 65lb tarpon floats up and I grab the remains to add to the documentation. The shark returns on a high speed pass and bumps the boat with significant enough force to make Julie scream. I give up on the carcass and Corey gets his hands on it just as the hammer head shark strikes again, this time claiming the remains of his dinner. As this massive shark rolls into a dive, Corey gets a tail grab before it is all over. Conservative size estimations are 14 feet long at about 400lbs. This is the best shark attack footage I have ever seen. This was recorded in HD and is available for resale.

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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