Minecraft Build – a Titan – PART 4 “The end!” by Haabemaaster

part 4 (final part) of Titan build “This is the End!” by Haabemaaster this is an Amarrian Titan class ship, The “Avatar”, from Eve Online. all by hand, block by block – IN SOLID GOLD!!!! some stats: model size: 56 x 57 x 122 number of blocks (approx): 47850 – if it had been solid (lol) 10102 – as i did it (as hollow shell) amount of gold bars needed to make it (if i hadn’t “/give” it): 90910 (lmao) Done on an SMP multi-player server with Mobs on. i used BinVox a Voxel program by Patrick Min (a mapping program that shows you slices of models, layer by layer) so you can reconstruct things in minecraft, block by block. It can be found here: www.patrickmin.com OMG OMG! all finished. i’ll post a vid soon of the Voxel program Binvox and a whole layer of the titan in speeded up time. let me know any suggestions/ideas for new vids. have fun and rate please!!!! Haabemaaster Links: Eve online: www.play.eveonline.com/ Minecraft: www.minecraft.net/

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Warning! I did not make this music! This video is to show people the great music of EVE-online. I will not send you the music via email or anything else! If you would like to hget it, you can download it free at EVE-online.com!

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