Merlin vs Apocalypse pvp solo kill. eve online [EYL]

Merlin vs Apocalypse pvp solo kill. eve online [EYL]

Mordin sings a little. I do not own any of this, it is property of the respected owner.

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23 Responses to “Merlin vs Apocalypse pvp solo kill. eve online [EYL]”

  • EviLNox8 says:

    no armor repairer? :*

  • jbrain93 says:

    I have a suspicion this was on sisi.

  • StormPoetz says:

    Well seriously that was not a solo kill (check 4:57 on the video when the drake fired a single missile on the apoc)… check Lord Souleater on battle clinic and you will find the killmail for this little fiasco. He was mining… seriously bad idea if you dont know better than not to fire on a can flipper.

  • HellownElijah says:

    a buffer fit apoc couldn’t rep any solo ship. The merlin obviously had enough transversal to not get hit by guns, and judging by the apoc, it didn’t have any reppers fit (or didn’t have them activated). At the same time, however, there was no lasers going off. So its entirely possible it is a fake vid.

  • Pentalol says:

    lol at the apoc pilot. no drones, no web, no neut no anything. ftw LOL!

  • wgf0klm says:

    where is the drones…..Apocalypse normally got 10 drones on it,

  • wgf0klm says:

    where is the drones…..Apocalypse normally got 10 drones on it, and this Apocalypse should not pvp fitting

  • wgf0klm says:

    where is the drones…..Apocalypse normally got 10 drones on it

  • JamisonMK3 says:

    his guns aren’t grouped…there’s only 1. even when grouped it would show all turrets firing which isn’t happening. this guy must’ve been mining or something

  • forthereg says:

    well … the apoc is meant to have 6 guns … not enough PG for 8 … thats why i sugest small guns in the case of his NOS / NEut / Droneless sorry ass !

  • theguywhoplays says:

    small guns on a BS???? are you crazy

  • FriutloopTom says:

    Thats like taking on a dreadnaught in a cruiser… a caracal!
    Seriously he must have been sniper fit to fail THAT epicly…

  • DetonationXL says:

    @curumon i kinda hear a guy talking not a female.

    and other thing is the BS only released one drone at a time wich is pretty ‘weird’ :x

    it looks pretty setup to me + no one noticed he only had one gun?

  • benjixboy says:

    I think he was in a pve fit, in which case he would have 8 large turrets, and relies on drones for frigs/cruisers.

  • havocson says:

    i think it was a buffer tank.

  • forthereg says:

    im 2 month old eve apoc pilot in a wardec and i would shred any frig/merlin who would try some stupid shit like that on me.
    where are his reps ? why doesnt he have good drones ? if no skill like me then why doesnt he have 2 small lasers to take care of drones and frigs ? wtf is goin on ? is he fitted for salvaging ?

  • curumon says:

    you see the merlin shoot alone ö.Ö?
    and you know the drake is a rocketship, did you see a rocket from the drake?
    look at the fitting from the merlin, she has a rocketlauncher fittet and she scamblet over the entire game the apo alone o.O …
    you are the fake here asian ö.ö

  • ray8up says:

    Nice fit for the merl

  • pie666753 says:

    if they cant they shouldn’t be in BS in PVP

  • jakeurevig says:

    he had a buffer fit
    there was no repair system, it is very common in PvP

  • jakeurevig says:

    not everyone can use t2 drones

  • 567djhero says:

    ha funny XD

  • rumbletbv159 says:

    nice , lol

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