Megathron Battleship in Eve Online

Showcasing one of the best looking ships in Eve.

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24 Responses to “Megathron Battleship in Eve Online”

  • vampireos1 says:

    i just start playing Eve and i know and think this is the nice lookn Battleship

    nice Video & music good old days Chrono cross :D

  • McBlemmen says:

    where is starscream?

  • 8rook8 says:

    If I remember its from Chrono Cross.

  • ilikewarhammer says:

    Please tell me the music!thumbs up

  • kurisu925 says:

    An alliance usually has a lot invested in it’s 0.0 space. And defending that investment is a serious matter to them. Not all 0.0 alliances are like that though. Unfortunately those are usually the ones that control systems no one else wants. And usually for a good reason.

  • kurisu925 says:

    Yea it is fun. Especially when you have a friendly carrier pilot to let you borrow some fighters. Or a command ship to boost either the effectiveness of the sensor damps or the range of the disruptor. Prefferably both.

  • davz0r says:

    sounds mean, i like it :D

  • kurisu925 says:

    well if your fast enough the only drones that can catch you are light drones which can easily be popped with some smart bombs. You should see my stiletto tackler. 30km warp disruptor with 2 sensor damps that can drop most ship’s down to a 20km targeting range or shorter if they dont have sensor boosters. And I usually find that the ships with sensor boosters are sniper boats who cant hit me because of thier low tracking on the long range guns.

  • davz0r says:

    however dont get too cocky in smaller vessels as drones might tear you apart ;)

  • kurisu925 says:

    kronos is an amazing battle ship. More fire power more empty high slots that can be used for what ever you like. I once saw a few kronos battle ships doing a cap shareing/RR thing with energy transporters which seemed to work rather nice for them.

  • KittyRokher says:

    That’s why battleships are generally used to kill other battleships and battlecruisers. Also, to kill capital ships, but it takes a lot of them.

  • kurisu925 says:

    Battle ship sized ships really arent that great for pvp. Thier big guns do a lot of damage but thier turrets have a high signature resolution and low tracking speed. This means against smaller ships thier accuracy is total shit. Also thier signature radius is high and thier speed is very low meaning nothing will miss them. These may seem like small problems but 1000 dps is actually 250 when you miss 75% of the time.

  • vmcshade says:

    My fav ship ^^

  • Nomoreusernames113 says:

    Imho Fleet Tempest or Vargur.

    Beauty = Badass’ness in this case.

  • Hauler24 says:

    The Kronos is a perfect missioning ship. Also it could do some serious damage in PVP, but that is a massive risk for a ship that expensive. Either way both are very awesome.

  • Axispipe says:

    yes it appears to be the opening track from Chrono Cross, Time’s Scar.

  • spidy524 says:

    is the music from chrono cross?

  • Blnukem92 says:

    I guess you didn’t notice the 100% bonus to turret damage plus another 5% bonus to turret damage per marauder level.

  • soul2reaper says:

    lol you must not play eve. the Kronos is way better than the megathron, the jronos only has 4 blasters, true, but from the bonus of being a mauradater, 1 blaster does the same damage as 2 blasters on a mega, thus, it really has 8 blasters instead of the megas 7, also with the rep bonus, it tankes as hard as a hype, and in the 3 extra high slots, you chold fit rrs, neuts, or if your a carebear, tractor beams and salvagers

  • mcattack92 says:

    The tech 2 varient (Kronos) is actually slightly worse the the Megathorn which is a tech 1. Kronos has less turret slots to comfensate for a slightly better recahargers

  • ogopogo25 says:

    im fitting mine with large railguns for medium range :D

  • DioxCarmine says:

    No. Gallente.

  • grimlok85 says:

    Its like a fat green rifter

  • mondayjoker says:

    bulldozer in space

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