Medal of honor: Frontline (PS3) Even more Gameplay

Gameplay of: Special cargo & Rough Landing This game is great, so much so that it has to be my favourite FPS Game ever! Also, to play this you have to have the disk in your console! So if you just rent this to install MOH:F on your PS3 for free, after you have returned the game it wont allow you to play MOH:F

Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  • captaingtamyths says:

    i wish i could look down the sites on ps2

  • spinexel says:

    I wish they could make a remastered version of MoH Pacific Assault too. I loved that game, and the music. Epic :/

  • covertgamer10 says:

    yeah the copy of medal of honor with frontline is a ps3 exsclusive. but i think you can buy it on the market for 20 dollars or 12.8551 pounds

  • Ps3GamerVideos says:

    Now available from the Playstation Store for £7.99 (UK Price)

  • MrQi19 says:

    i mite get the hd remake for this game if it comes out on the ps3 online store because right now we only get it with every new copy of the new medal of honer but i dont want to get that agian i had that for xbox 360 also can any one who played the hd version tell me how much better the graphics were from this


  • Unclekantus66 says:

    Is this on ALL ps3 Copys of medal of honor or certain ones

  • Martiansfromthemoon says:


  • raptorrapper says:

    Lol that was funny when u shot the helmet from an ally soldier, aiming with sniper rifless is still eaisier on a pc xP

  • mittaagangsta says:

    yeah you can choose to not have iron sights

  • HamstyProductions says:

    shitty, i miss this game

  • ChozxHD says:

    When i was young, i finished this map in 43 seconds

  • TheSampson321 says:

    Is there any way to take iron sights of and put the regular back it make it so much harder cause the iron sights r ghetto

  • triFeral says:

    Ugh, why did they add ironsights?

  • Ps3GamerVideos says:


  • Gniady85 says:

    is there a way of playing medal of honor frontline on the ps3 without the medal of honor disc

  • Ps3GamerVideos says:

    Yes it does

  • zisoul says:

    If this is upgraded from the the ps2 to ps3 verson,then where is the blood&guts carnage? What’s not broken’ don’t need fixing.The only thing broken is the minds
    of Electronic Arts.

  • Ps3GamerVideos says:

    I love European assault too. It was a challenge which is pretty decent compared to games nowadays where on the hardest difficuilty you have health regeneration and constantly get spammed by grenades.
    However, Frontline is my favourite because it was my first MOH and I simply cannot help but love it.

  • shok2death says:

    in my opinion vangaurd and european assault are much better than frontline

  • prototype499 says:

    Pulla2k8: you have to have the moh disk in and when you put the disk in underneath the moh game disk there will be another disk image saying bonus content go into it click on the moh frontline file install and enjoy :)
    Hope i helped

  • Ps3GamerVideos says:

    Yeah because of the position of the TV while recording this video also get lost. Im better than you, dont believe me? Do you have a PS3?

  • SuperFaith1989 says:

    You suck at this game bro!!! Play something else instead!!

  • predator17able says:

    Looks like fun

  • piratesweatydog says:

    rough landing was my favorite mission when i had it on the gamecube

  • Ps3GamerVideos says:

    (Make sure 1st I is an L, as it wasn’t available with an I)

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