McKenzie Exercise

Dr Mike reviews McKenzie or back extension exercises for those with a lumbar disc herniation.

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NetDevil’s Scott Brown (President) demonstrates this MMO space shooter for PCs. The video was taken off screen at New York Comic Con 2009. Coming from NetDevil and Codemasters for PCs in June 2009. Hundreds of space ships battle at once! Offers player versus environment (PvE) and player versus player (PvP) gameplay.

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • VladtheEmailer says:

    Haha, you are so completely off! You don’t make sense, can’t spell, and, you sound like a racist! Meanwhile, I’m a northeasterner, from the northeast U.S. LOL! I’m just pointing out that the “McKenzie Method” is not really something that is original at all. The name means nothing. Noone is going to be able to do something based on the “name” of the exercise.

  • VladtheEmailer says:

    Just stating facts. If you knew anything about preventative medicine you wouldn’t have such a reaction. Pick up a book once and awhile, oh, but then you’d have to know how to read.

  • lilzeus7 says:

    Old and Uneducated.

  • lilzeus7 says:

    Thought u were attacking me for a second. Completely agree. Alternative medicine likes to take credit, but they never do scientific studies. If you want credit, prove something.

  • datass1234 says:

    i love the retards response, “young and foolish” i bet you he cant even back up the reason why youre supposedly young and foolish. what a tool

  • datass1234 says:

    youre an idiot, not everybody does yoga, and guess what? when my pt asked me if i knew the cobra exercise i was able to picture the right way to do it without ever seeing it before just from picturing the cobra. Western medicine didnt take credit for anything, they just used a more simple name for it. typical “easterner” talking shit about westerners for no dam reason other than being a jealous douche

  • kaileighbrooke9 says:

    I recently had xrays on my spine and i have retrolisthesis. I tried this and it hurt so much!

  • ftdoga says:

    Very good, but you could provide subtitles.

  • VladtheEmailer says:

    - young and foolish.

  • lilzeus7 says:

    - so ignorant.

  • josephanimation says:

    I have read lying on your stomach is the worst position to be in when you have disc problems!

  • Shimeko says:

    From my knowledg, its seems that SI joint dont have intervertebral disc… but its just me, a moron “physio”…I really hope you are just an idiot,not a therapist…

  • Shimeko says:

    In Europe, physiotherapy is a universitary course, and in many countries, we are first care health providers. Please get some knowledge before making yourself a fool.
    As you seem to now some basics of lower back biomechanics, explain to my why, MrBuccaBoy, that says he have an SacroIiac FUSION – that meens a join compression condition (NO Disc prolopse), you say that he have to avoid FLEXION??? I am really ansious to see your answer…

  • Tonsolitis15 says:

    You’re a moron. Just so people know, “physio” is also what people call themselves when all they have is a bachelors and work under people with professional degrees. Flexion and rotational torque movements are generally what CAUSES disc herniations. If you might remember, the lumbar spine is naturally in a lordotic curve and flexion will compress the spine and move the disc posteriorly, putting more pressure on the nerve root.

  • mschneider212 says:

    simply arbitrarily lol 

  • booiiboot says:

    i found this sexual

  • prietochiropractic says:

    This is Dr. Brian Prieto of Prieto Chiropractic & Spinal Decompression and I have a DRX9000 spinal decompression unit in my office for the past 6 years in Yorba Linda, Orange County. Glad to see some education on Mckenzie exercise therapy, great job!

  • kubaorzel1 says:

    no właśnie

  • xnol1fex says:

    co ja kurwa oglądam

  • paysonpt101 says:

    There is no silver bullet, the video simplifies the McKenzie METHOD to a single exercise in a single direction which is a misrepresentation. I agree that for a majority of patients the extension principle is appropriate, but if your symptoms persist or peripheralize (meaning they go farther to one side or down the leg) you should consult a professional. E. Payson Schumacher, PT, Cert MDT

  • VladtheEmailer says:

    Interesting. Why don’t they just use the yoga names for this..”cobra?” I guess Western medicine likes to take credit for everything they can. :-)

  • MrBuccaBoy says:

     Thank you so very much. I couldn’t remember why I should not do this. It makes sense that it would cause more compression though. Thanks a million!

  • Shimeko says:

    i am physio and my advise is to try flexion before, because extension will compress more

  • A1R3D3E7 says:


  • cybersleuth58 says:

    It might have been fun three or four years ago, but there are a few games that are out that look better…

  • cybersleuth58 says:

    I ordered this game a long time ago. My order was finally canceled after sitting for months and months… Is this ever coming out or is it a fantasy? No offense, but the graphics are already looking outdated bc they have taken so long to release… What’s the release date now, or do they not have one?

  • ldduplamaravilhavevo says:

    this and vendetta online are exacly the same thing

  • nanoradio says:

    its just an arcade shooter… i am unfortunately not impressed… good graphics though, but i hope there is more to the game play 

  • Mures1982 says:

    I think Freelancer is the best ! :X To me seems that no other flight simulator game is better

  • SuperYouUber says:

    i am going to pass this game because i am waiting for another game called

    INFINITY quest for earth

    But i still dont know the release date

    and it is still lower than a pre-alpha


  • daymyth says:

    like you’d ever fly a titan class…

  • gary444able says:

    i agree eve’s combat is bad and i like what ive seen of jumpgate evolution so far. but can this game really beat the scale of eve because some ships you could own were HUGE like the titan class ships?

  • musicmanvin1 says:

    you guys can play Black Prophecy Online to hold you over for this to release.

  • archon179 says:

    this looks awsome! and i dont know alot about this game so just wondering, what console this is for, what sizes of ships u can command etc.

  • Keygens4all says:

    If you want try this game in Open Beta click in this link.

  • HAWXLEADER says:

    galaxy on fire online for pc yay

  • A1R3D3E7 says:

    nah, eve is good but combat is bullshit. gate camping was really fun and I still love the fact that death was actually a big deal but shooting red boxes isnt fun.

  • intcel says:

    looks way more arcade style than JG1 =( and the simulation part was actually what I loved about JG.

  • dannyboy1578 says:

    yes because clicking “orbit 10km” f1 is so hard and confusing to do. eve is pretty terribad actually, and is mostly eliytist snobs who just metagame and cheat (ddos attacking coms systems and spying is par for the course if you want to be “good” at eve.) the game mechanics themselves are just boring and terribly outdated, and the greed-factory that is CCP will just keep making it worse and worse so everyone goes and buys dust.

  • lordofpie7000 says:

    Hey come on now guys, cant everyone get along, EVE and this game are different systems, people who have trouble with EVE dont want to put the effort in to learn, and people who dont want to play this style of game just dont want to suffer from grinding and leveling (and all the people who play those kind of games). I personally love that EVE is hard and confusing because 1 it keeps stupid people fromk playing and 2 it keeps young annoying ass children from playing.

    Not saying this game is bad.

  • Jorisje83 says:

    wow such big ambitions you have ;)

  • sharpezor says:

    Oups, you are correct, I don’t know why I misunderstood. Sorry about that musculargenius89.

  • TUMaMeia says:

    you can’t seem to understand what he said…
    he said for them to make a Mass Effect MMO… not that it was :P 

  • sharpezor says:

    Are you stupid? MAss Effect isn’t an MMO, it’s not even fucking close.

  • musculargenius89 says:

    BIOWARE why did you decide to do a Star Wars MMO when you already have the IP to something cooler, Mass Effect! Just look at how Star Trek turned out.

  • dementedpilgrim says:

    EVE Online will forever be the best space MMO! Message me with email address for a free 21 day trial… thats 7 more days than standard! I will send starter funds in game to help you a long. Cheers!

  • er8ik says:

    this is kinda like a more developed ace online/air rivals. though not for me cus it wouldn’t be 4 free. and.. I don’t like that it’s all played out in wide spaced maps. no ground/terrain to swish through.

  • toggsuk says:

    Looks like this game is most likely dead, Netdevil got bought out by Gazillion and they then pretty much stopped the development and disbanded Netdevil. Codemasters are now suing them because they put $1.4 million dollars into the game and they have nothing to show for it.

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