MAW3 Recruitment I – EVE Online

First real recruitment video for MAW3 Corporation. The game is EVE Online. For more information, join: We are a light roleplaying corp.

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This video covers how to configure your user interface in Eve Online. This includes how to manage your overview settings as well as briefly covering options you need to change in the escape menu and how to organise your chat windows to better serve your needs. For best results, watch this video in 720p as the text in Eve Online is small. To get around this, I will be saying what I am clicking on and what I am mousing over so if you can only stream at lower resolutions you should still get an idea of what is happening. Full details of the academy can be found on our forums using this website address: As usual, during any of the videos, if you have any questions feel free to contact me via YouTube or in game by sending an Evemail to Agent Stone.

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